Virginia Beach Embezzlement Lawyer

As defined by Virginia Beach law, embezzlement is misappropriating somebody else’s funds and taking them for an individual’s own use. Essentially it is using somebody else’s money for their own benefit and without permission.

This is a felony so it is punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Because they are charges that can make it difficult to get employment in the future, someone facing these charges should contact a Virginia Beach embezzlement lawyer. The defense lawyer will determine with their client what the best defense for embezzlement will be according to the facts of their case.

There is often a lot of paperwork and things that an attorney needs to go over so an individual will want an experienced attorney to help review everything and see if they can actually prove that there was embezzlement.

Embezzlement Misconceptions

In Virginia Beach, people think embezzlement only occurs with companies on higher levels. It is not a common charge. It is not something that happens every day but people do not necessarily realize how serious it is. People may not realize that Virginia Beach embezzlement is a felony. Depending on how much money an individual takes, the charge for embezzlement could be a felony and it is something that can result in a person serving an active jail sentence.


A person may receive jail time depending on the amount of money embezzled. An individual will owe fines and costs to the Virginia Beach court. Assuming an individual embezzles more than $500, it is a felony. If it is less than $500, it is a misdemeanor. They will likely have to pay restitution on the money that was embezzled. Since Virginia Beach embezzlement is a felony, they will also lose the right to possess a firearm in Virginia.

In the long term, an individual charged with embezzlement would not be able to own a gun in Virginia Beach unless they went through the process of getting their rights restored. They would have a larceny-type conviction on their record that they would have to disclose. Embezzlement charges would make getting future employment very difficult because this type of charge will be on his or her record and will make it seem they can not be trusted with money.

Hiring a Lawyer

Virginia Beach embezzlement is a very specific charge that requires many documents. An individual will need an experienced embezzlement lawyer who can look at their case and disprove embezzlement. If the Virginia Beach embezzlement lawyer can prove:

  • That the individual was doing what they were supposed to with the money
  • They were acting in their best interests
  • They were acting on the other person’s behalf because they were not happy about how the money was being spent

The embezzlement lawyer might be able to prove that their client’s actions can not be considered embezzlement if the individual was acting with permission. A good Virginia Beach embezzlement lawyer can help look at the facts and see exactly what the commonwealth of Virginia Beach will see as proof of embezzlement.

Building a Defense

The easiest way to explain embezzlement is misappropriated money. Often, other lawyers will have to show that an individual had control over the money, that it was not going where it was supposed to, and that it was being done on purpose.

There are a lot of documents used as evidence in a Virginia Beach embezzlement case. There are a lot of bank statements and things like that presented because it must be proven that this money was intentionally not going where it was supposed to go. A Virginia Beach embezzlement lawyer can help someone face these charges head on.