Virginia Beach Embezzlement Defense Strategies 

There are a couple ways to defend an embezzlement case in Virginia Beach. The right Virginia Beach embezzlement attorney can help an individual determine the appropriate strategies for their case and work towards the best possible outcome considering the facts and consequences of the case.

The first defense of embezzlement is to demonstrate that the defendant was not acting outside the scope of the agreement between them and the property owner in an inappropriate way. In some cases, this defense does not work. An example would be if the person worked in a convenience store and could not take all of the money but some money was paid for food he was putting in his pocket.

Another defense strategy for Virginia Beach embezzlement cases is whether or not the prosecution can actually prove that anything was taken. Sometimes there is no proof that anyone did anything wrong, merely a suspicion that someone has been embezzling money.


In an embezzlement case, there are all the possible options open. This type of case tends to be more document-based than other cases. For example, there are not many eyewitnesses in an embezzlement trial. Judges will believe paperwork a little more when they see bank deposits showing what an account should be and why it is not there. An experienced defense attorney has to be ready to make whatever argument is necessary.


Often, an investigation will begin when an individual notices that the account does not have the money it should and contacts the police. Virginia Beach law enforcement will search through bank deposits, deposit slips, and checkbooks to try to determine when deposits were made, when withdrawals were made, who made those withdrawals or deposits, and go from there.

Depending on the type of case, the prosecution may not need any sort of subpoena power at all. For example, if a person believes somebody is embezzling from them, he will gather all his bank accounts and turn those over to the police.

Where the prosecution would need a subpoena is if the accuser thought the charged was embezzling from him and wanted to see the charged individual’s account, In order to see their account, the prosecution would need a subpoena.

Usually, local police are the main investigators, however, depending on who the victim is, it may also be the State Police. Sometimes the State Police will be involved in bigger cases as well. The FBI or the Federal law Enforcement may get involved in cases that cross state lines such as large corporations or major organizations who have been involved.

Common Misconceptions

The most common misconception is people think of embezzlement as being a crime that only occurs in large businesses with millions of dollars involved because those are the stories heard on the news. For example, Ponzi schemes and things like that. However, embezzlement can be as simple as taking money out of the cash register at a person’s place of employment and does not have to be a massive crime ring out stealing money.