Virginia Beach Embezzlement Prosecution

With embezzlement cases, prosecutors will stress the financial injury. Virginia Beach embezzlement prosecution can be complicated and stressful. When prosecutors are creating cases, they are not interested in jail time unless their client has been physically harmed. Most of the time, when the alleged victim can be compensated financially, prosecutors would go in the direction of jail time. There are many benefits to attaining an experienced attorney. They understand the local policies and can ensure that their client’s rights are protected.

If you are facing potential jail time or consequences for an embezzlement case, it is critical that you consult a knowledgeable embezzlement lawyer. They can help you prepare for a testimony, review evidence and challenge the prosecutor’s statements and evidence on your behalf. Prosecutors will try to use jail time as motivation for you to make a payment and stay out of jail. Often in these cases, the person is not interested in seeing the perpetrator go to jail because many these are family cases with a familial relationship. When it is a business, the business just wants its money back, so they tend to not push the prosecutor for jail time.

Elements to Prove Embezzlement

The prosecution must prove the person had a relationship with the victim. Virginia Beach embezzlement prosecution cases are based on a relationship between the victim and the accused. That could be an employer/employee relationship or there was a trust involved where the person was given assets to use for a specific reason and the person holding on to those assets or used them in a different manner than what they were instructed. Usually, it is self-enrichment, but it does not have to be that. It could simply be spending the money on somebody else, but it was not how the person was supposed to spend it. That is embezzlement.

It could simply be spending the money on somebody else, but it was not how the person was supposed to spend it. That is embezzlement.

Building a Defense

An embezzlement attorney might argue that the money was used properly and there was no embezzlement. The person used the money as instructed by the individual who entrusted them with the money. Perhaps the attorney can show there was an agreement. The person was given the money or the individual put instructions into a document regarding how the person was to spend the money. An attorney can also show that there was no embezzlement; the person never spent the money outside of the terms of the agreement.

Government Warrants

The government needs a warrant when they want to access a person’s bank records. That is property they do not necessarily have the right to see. The defense attorney can argue that the government has no right to the bank records because they are not a matter of public record.

Law enforcement agencies involved in embezzlement investigations are the local police department and sometimes the state police. They often have their own financial crimes records or financial crimes units that are trained to handle these matters.

Obtaining an Attorney

When someone is facing embezzlement charges, the prosecution will build a strong case against them. A knowledgeable attorney can build a strong defense against Virginia Beach embezzlement prosecution.The best way to defend an embezzlement case is to have a paper trail of how the person spent the money. If the attorney can show all the deposits and withdrawals the person made, they can argue that the person did nothing wrong. It is easier to argue that when there is supporting paperwork showing what the person did with the funds.

As soon as you suspect that you are being investigated for embezzlement charges, you should hire an experienced criminal attorney. Local lawyers understand how to build a strong defense, knows the prosecutors and judges, and can determine the best course of action.