Targeted Persons in Virginia Beach Embezzlement Cases

While embezzlement cases are mostly preoccupied with the amount of money lost, the impact the embezzlement had on the targeted individuals is equally important.When it comes to targeted persons in Virginia Beach embezzlement cases, the courts tend to be harsher when the individuals seem more vulnerable. The impact of the embezzlement on the targeted individuals can in turn massively impact the outcome of your sentence. Speak with a skilled embezzlement lawyer who will understand the impact of these factors and can help you build a defense.

How Courts Treat Embezzlement

The courts tend to be more protective of elderly targeted persons in Virginia Beach embezzlement cases.  The courts also take into consideration the nature of the relationship the two parties had. For example, if the defendant was abusing the trust of a family member,  those will count against the defendant with a judge, more than if it were just an employer.

They look at the number of counts in the charge; one count, seven counts, et cetera. The defendant’s past record; any past property or any larceny crimes; if the defendant has ever spent time in jail before; and how much money was embezzled. Those are big ones that go into determining a person’s sentence.

Another one of the considerations that the court takes into account is who the alleged victim was. Whether the targeted persons in Virginia Beach embezzlement cases was an older family member, an employer, someone the defendant has a business deal with, and how involved that person may have been. If it is a company that the defendant was embezzling from, was their supervisor paying attention or was this something they would have caught easily had they been paying attention. Is this a situation where the defendant worked hard to gain their trust so that they would leave them alone and then took advantage of that trust.

The judges do take into consideration what the victim wants, and if the victim is not necessarily seeking jail time, that will help the defendant. If the victim is furious and wants the defendant to go to jail, that does not mean the defendant is going to jail, but that is something the judge will consider.

 Impact of Embezzlement’s Effect on Sentence

Crimes done in person tend to be punished harsher by the court. The reason is, it takes more brazenness to steal money from somebody out from under their nose as opposed to over the computer. Those tend to be treated a little harsher. With regard to the guidelines, the amount of money embezzled is factored into the guidelines. There are certain sections where that can add more points to a person’s sentence. Going beyond the guidelines to the judge, the more harm a person has done to the alleged victim, the worse it is going to be.

Role of a Lawyer

The defense attorney will try to show the judge that the defendant understands they made a mistake and want to make it right; that they have a plan for making it right, and that they are going to be able to make it up to the targeted persons in Virginia Beach embezzlement cases, in a relatively short time. When dealing with large sums of money, they may not be able to write a check as the money may have already been spent, but they are going to do everything they can to make sure that they pay back everything. The defense attorney will try to show the judge that they cannot make those payments from jail.

The best way for everyone to get what they are looking for here is if the defendant does not have to go to jail but instead is given an opportunity to make payments and stay out of jail with the understanding that if the payments stop, they run the risk of jail time. If an individual is facing embezzlement charges, they should contact a skilled attorney who can work to make sure that they get that chance.