Virginia Beach Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

In Virginia Beach, credit card fraud is using somebody else’s credit card number. It can also be making a credit card that is not real. Tha is not quite as common. We do not get too many fake credit cards but that is credit card fraud. It is included in that section. The more general kind is using somebody’s credit card that does not belong to an individual and they do not have permission to use it.

Anybody who has been caught or is charged definitely needs an experienced defense lawyer. A person should contact a Virginia Beach credit card fraud lawyer immediately because these are serious charges that can be considered felonies, they can result in jail time, and they can seriously impact an individual’s future.

Credit Card Fraud Misconceptions

People know what they are doing when they use somebody else’s card but they do not realize the severity of the situation. In addition to being credit card theft, they can also face larceny charges. Stealing a credit card and using the credit card are separate crimes. Claiming the identity of another person if they indeed take somebody else’s card; that is a separate crime. If they signed that person’s name on a receipt, that is another crime.

By using somebody else’s card, they can rack up four separate charges. Under Virginia law, it is acceptable to charge an individual with these charges and they can all be charged as felonies.

Penalties in Virginia Beach

For Virginia Beach credit card fraud, if the value of the items is more than $200, then it is considered a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. If it’s less than $200, it is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail. If an individual purchases something worth more than $200, it is a felony. Also, theft of a credit card is a felony. It is two separate crimes. Stealing the card is a felony and then using it is another charge.

Credit Card Scheming

Virginia Beach credit card scheming is technically called “defalcation”. That is the legal term for it. Instead of reporting the official total of how much those receipts are, an individual rings up a little less than that and pockets the remaining portion off the top. That is considered a part of credit card fraud. Using credit card receipts is considered credit card fraud in Virginia Beach and they would be punished the same as an individual used someone else’s credit card.

Contacting an Attorney

Virginia Beach credit card fraud lawyers are able to go through the documents and see what exactly the commonwealth of Virgina Beach is able to prove. They are also able to talk to anyone involved and see if this is something that can be worked out to either avoid going to trial on every count, see if the lawyer can reduce this down, and reach an agreement that helps everybody get what they are looking for.