Advice from a Virginia Beach Gun Attorney

When someone is facing firearm charges, they should get a lawyer in place immediately. They should not make any statements to anybody because anything they say can be against them and will be taken in a light least favorable to the person. If a person is involved in a gun offense, and if the person still has the firearm, they should put it away. The person should not throw away or get rid of the gun because they can be charged with the destruction of evidence or obstruction of justice as a separate charge. There are many benefits to attaining an experienced firearm attorney.

If you are buying a firearm, you should do research and ensure that you are obtaining this gun legally. There are several ways to ensure that this process is legal so that you will not run into problems. Consulting a Virgina Beach gun lawyer can be very beneficial if you have any questions about firearm possession and other local regulations.

Researching Firearm Information

If someone wants to find more information about the local regulations for guns, the Virginia State Police website is useful. A person can go to the state police office and talk to an official who understands Virginia Beach gun laws. Another good source is a gun shop. They are knowledgeable about all the firearm laws because if they sell a firearm to someone they should not, they could be held liable. They know the rules for possession and they know the laws well and they can give a person information to make sure that they do not try to purchase a firearm illegally because it is a crime if a person is ineligible to possess a firearm and they try to buy a firearm. That person could be charged with a felony for that.

Advice Before Buying a Gun

Do a background check on them first. Go down to a police station, run their criminal record, and make sure nothing shows up. The reason being is so that the person does not have to worry about filling out a form saying they are not a convicted felon, saying they are eligible for the firearm and then finding out the person is ineligible and now the person has a new felony charge.

Talk to a gun store before as well if the person goes to the gun store. If someone has a criminal record, they should check to see if they are eligible to own a gun in Virginia. Then, if the person still has questions, check with the lawyer and a lawyer can give them advice, especially if the person has a record in another state, whether or not those convictions would make the person ineligible in Virginia.

Advice from Attorney

The attorney will advise them to get a background check and tell them if the state police can provide it for them. The person can get fingerprinted at the local police department. Also, a person should check their record and see what it says. They should also talk to a gun dealer before even filling out any forms to tell them what is in their past.

The person can also talk to a lawyer about any past convictions and what the person is or is not eligible to do. For example, if a person is convicted of a concealed weapon in Virginia or a reckless handling of a firearm, those are misdemeanor offenses and the person is able to possess a gun later. However, the person may not be able to get a concealed weapons permit.

Those are things that a person needs to talk to someone about who has more information and can lay out the person’s options before they sign anything saying that they are eligible or ineligible to own a firearm.

Attaining a Lawyer

A dedicated Virginia Beach attorney is able to help an individual. Obviously, if a person finds a firm that they like, then that means it is somebody the person feels comfortable with helping out their case. They are able to do a bit more and fight a little harder for the person’s case if the person chooses them to work for the person and also that firm wants to work with the person. The person has somebody who is on their side who they trust.