Ammunition for Guns in Virginia Beach

In Virginia Beach, if a person is ineligible to possess a firearm, they are ineligible to possess ammunition. They tend to work hand in hand. The process of legally being able to possess ammunition is very similar to possession of a firearm. As long as the person is illegible, the person does not have to go through any special classes or have any special certification to own ammunition. Speak with an experienced gun attorney about any unlawful possession charges you may be facing.

There are very few distinctions as to when the person can possess ammunition for guns in Virginia Beach, but not a firearm. If the person cannot possess a gun, it is not a good idea to hold on to spare clips or spare rounds because the person could very well end up getting a felony for possession of ammunition when not eligible to own that. If a person is eligible to buy ammunition in Virginia, the person can buy ammunition for any gun that the person wishes. As long as the ammunition is not restricted or otherwise illegal, a person can purchase ammo for guns the person does not own.

Defining Legal Certification

There are certain types of ammunition for guns in Virginia Beach that the person cannot regularly possess unless a person has special permits, like the person is a firearms dealer. There is certain armor piercing and there are certain types of bullets that are able to penetrate bulletproof vests that are not available. The general rule is if it is not a type of ammunition sold at a dealership regularly, it is probably illegal. However, for the most part, if the person is able to possess a firearm, the person can possess ammunition.

Restricted Ammunition Laws

The restricted ammunition for guns in Virginia Beach is bullet sized and it has certain encodings that make some more dangerous, mostly to law enforcement but to other people, also. They are composed differently. The idea is that these are ammo that a person is not supposed to have. If the person uses that ammo in the commission of a crime, it triggers a separate felony. If it is a Class Five felony, it carries up to 10 years in prison.

The most common ones are the ones called the cop killer bullets. Those are bullets that are specifically designed to penetrate Kevlar bulletproof vests. These are ones that law enforcement wants to keep off the street. Most of the bullets are restricted in some way. They are made in such a way that makes them deadlier and more dangerous than normal bullets. It could be that they are more likely to cause explosions if they are used and hit certain objects. The idea is that guns are already a public health issue and these types of ammo make them even more dangerous, especially to law enforcement first responders.

Large Transfer Restrictions

There are not any specific limitations on ammunition for guns in Virginia Beach. It can be suspicious if a person is selling large amounts of ammunition. The person may want to be able to explain, should they be asked why they are selling them. Under Virginia law, there is not anything limiting as to how much ammunition can be sold at one time. There is not anything limiting as to how many guns can be sold at one time, although there may be federal regulation on that. If a person is stealing with somebody else across state line, the person has to be careful, even if the person in state allows the person to possess these types of firearms and ammunition.

Law Enforcement Tracking

When a person purchases from a licensed dealer, they keep records of all the sales they make of weapons and ammunition. That is one way that ammunition for guns in Virginia Beach is tracked. Other stores that sell ammunition or weapons keep records of those. There is nothing they can do regarding private sales. If a person is using a store, there will be a paper trail and that is something that can be used, if necessary.

What a Person Should Know About Possessing Ammunition

A person should make sure that they are eligible to own a firearm in the first place. If the person is convicted of any crimes before, or if the person is charged with any crime, and they own a firearm, they need to make sure their lawyer knows. They can either tell the person that it will not affect the person’s firearm right, so they can try to negotiate something that will help the person keep their firearm right. They can tell the person they are going to lose their firearm and the person needs to turn it in so they do not pick up another charge. For more information on ammunition for guns in Virginia Beach, contact a qualifed attorney.