Traveling with Ammunition in Virginia Beach

There are regulations on traveling with ammunition for guns in Virginia Beach. The laws for ammunition are similar to the firearm laws and, for the most part, ammunition is included in all of the same statutes as the firearm statute. Possession of a firearm includes possession of ammunition.

If ammunition is either on the person, within their reach, or in their vehicle, it is considered traveling. This is an important aspect in prosecuting the individual. An experienced Virginia Beach gun lawyer can offer more insight into travel laws and ammunition.

Severity of Travelling with Ammunition

If the person is not allowed to own a firearm, the person is also not allowed to possess ammunition. Possession of ammunition is treated the same as the possession of a firearm. It is a felony. If a person is a convicted felon and the person possess ammunition, it is a felony with the same penalty statutes with the maximum of five years and the penalties for violent or non-violent penalties as if the person possesses a firearm.

If the person, for example, is committed to a mental institution and the person has not their rights on the firearm restored, it can be a misdemeanor for traveling with ammunition in Virginia Beach. There are certain types of ammo that are not available for commercial use. If the person has that, then that would be a separate crime. Those are misdemeanors. In general, a person has the right to possess a firearm until that right is taken away.

Losing Firearm Privileges

In Virginia, there are ways a person loses their firearm privileges. The person can be convicted of a felony in Virginia, the person can be convicted of domestic violence, a person can be convicted of a federal crime that triggers the loss of a life, or the person is committed to a mental hospital. All of these events can cause a person to lose the right to their guns and, thus, ammunition.

If a person commits a crime and their firearm is confiscated, the person still has the right to own gun, but the person will lose that gun and it is turned into the police. If the right is restored, the person can then obtain more guns.

Circumstances of Ability to Travel with Ammunition

If the person is legally allowed to own a firearm and travel with the firearm, the person is allowed to travel with ammunition in Virginia Beach. The same principles apply. If the person is traveling with it hidden on their person, the person needs a concealed weapons permit. Even it is for ammunition or if it is underneath the person’s car seat, the person needs proper licensing for that.

To ensure that they can travel with ammunition in Virginia Beach, a person can check with the Virginia state police and they can have them run a record. The police will tell the person if they are eligible to own a firearm or not. Federal or firearm dealers also have that ability; so they can run a background before making any sales. The Commonwealth of Virginia also has a process on their website where a person can put in their name and their date of birth, and if the person previously lost their firearm rights or lost their civil rights, it can tell the person their status and if that restoration of their license has been granted. To learn more, contact a qualified attorney.