Legal Transportation of a Firearm in Virginia Beach

If the person is using the firearm to commit a crime or if the person committed a crime using a firearm then that is unlawful. If the person is either taking it to somebody who cannot legally possess a firearm or if the person themselves cannot legally possess a firearm then it is illegal.

Laws regarding legal transportation of guns is complex. If you were charged with illegally transporting a firearm, contact an experienced criminal attorney as soon as you can.

Public Transportation of Firearms

If the person is not doing anything wrong then they will be fine. There are buses and trains in Virginia Beach so if the person is handling a firearm concealed and the person has a concealed weapons permit or if it is clearly on the person’s side, the police are not necessarily going to hassle the person. The person does have to be careful in any of the bus stops and the bus stops at a gun-free zone, the person could be in trouble.

Interstate Transport

It depends on the state because every state has their own laws regarding firearm possession and states do not necessarily recognize the laws of other states. Usually, if the person has to cross a state line, they should have it in the trunk and have it unloaded so there is less of a chance of the person getting into trouble should the person get stopped. The best thing a person can do is, if the person is going out of state, leave their gun at home because then there is no trouble at all.

If, however, the person does have to take it with them, the person should consult a lawyer in the state where the person is traveling to, or through, because with Maryland’s laws, for instance, guns are very restrictive so if the person wants to visit Maryland and bring their firearm, the person should probably check with either a firearms dealer because they probably know the laws or a lawyer who practices in Maryland and is more familiar with their gun laws.

Steps to Legally and Safely Transport a Firearm

In Virginia, there is no sort of licensing requirement, and the person does not need a special permit to own a gun. If a person is carrying it, if the gun is concealed, and if it is in a box or underneath the person’s glove compartment, the person needs to make sure they have a concealed carry permit with the person or else, if the person is pulled over and stopped then the person could be charged with a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon.

Otherwise, a person would want to make sure they have followed all of the standards and safety rules, make sure it is unloaded, and it is recommended that the people, when they are driving, especially in other states or through other states, that they have the gun in the trunk for a lot of reasons. One, it is not considered to be within the person’s wingspan if it is in the trunk and it is not as readily available to be found in a search if the person is stopped and a police officer searches the person and it is in the trunk, for instance, then the person is more protected.

Legal Transport Without a Separate Compartment in a Car

If the person did put it in their trunk for whatever reason – or if the person can put it on their trunk or if the person can lock their glove compartment or the person can put it in there and lock it. If none of those are available, the person would want to have it sitting on the passenger seat, plainly visible, and the person would want to have it unloaded.

Many people put their gun under their driver seat, however, if they get pulled over or stopped for whatever reason and the officer finds a gun under their seat, they will be charged with possession of a concealed weapon. Whereas, if it is sitting in plain view, it is not concealed and as long as the person is legally able to own a firearm in Virginia and there is nothing else unusual about this in the case, the person has not done anything illegal.

Contacting an Attorney

If you are transporting a firearm in Virginia Beach, it would be in your best interest to know the policies surrounding it. If you are facing penalties of illegally transporting a firearm, it is imperative that you consult with a Virginia Beach Criminal Lawyer.