Virginia Beach Sex Crimes Investigations

Sex crimes in Virginia Beach are treated very seriously. Because they are crimes against another person and they involve violating the will of another person, judges and prosecutions take them very seriously. Having the guidance of an experienced sex crimes attorney during a Virginia Beach sex crimes investigation is crucial. Contacting a skilled sex crimes lawyer can improve any case and make the investigation a lot smoother.

Investigation Process

Police departments usually have their own sex crime unit or they have detectives that focus on these types of charges. Law enforcement tries to lock down the area as quickly as possible so they can preserve any sort of physical evidence. That is because they want to try to preserve any DNA or hair that they can get from the scene.

Even before an arrest is made, a sex crimes investigation in Virginia Beach is very likely to happen. It obviously depends on the circumstances but, a lot of times, the police will try to corroborate the claims made by the complainant. They will try to talk to the accused and will try to get DNA samples fingerprints done. They will try to get as much information as possible before they file charges.

When there is a more serious sex crime allegation, the investigation is more likely and serious. With rape or sodomy, there is likely to be an investigation. When there is a higher probability of there being DNA evidence, and therefore, there will be a more thorough investigation. If there is no DNA or no physical evidence that can be recovered, the investigations would not be thorough or deep.

Evidence for Sex Crimes

For evidence needed in a Virginia Beach sex crimes investigation, there are typically going to be witnesses, statements by the complaining witness, documentation of if a defendant made a statement to police, as well as photographs of any injuries, and a forensic examination of the complaining witness done by a nurse who is trained in sexual assault cases and who looks for certain indicators of assault so that they may testify.

Other medical records may be admitted. There also tends to be physical evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, things collected from the victim, either physically if this occurred from their house, showing who was there and what was done.

Witness Testimony

Witness testimony tends to be more emotional. Sex crimes are intensely personal. They are not comparable to a home invasion or having a car broken into. These are things done to a person, so they tend to involve witnesses that are emotionally invested and who will become more emotional as they testify.

Contact a Virginia Beach Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes are charges that are, in most cases, felonies, and can lead to serious jail time. Judges will not hesitate to hand out long sentences and nor will juries. These charges can stay with a person for a long time. Even if the charges are essentially dropped, this will affect someone’s reputation. Consulting with a Virginia Beach sex crimes lawyer should be done immediately if charged in order to best prepare for an investigation. Please contact an experienced Virgina Beach sex crimes attorney today.