Demerit Points For a Speeding Offense in Virginia Beach

In the state of Virginia, there is what’s called the uniform demerit points system which is used to assess demerit points to Virginia drivers as an incentive program for people to drive well. If you have too many points added to your license your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked. For a speeding ticket, you will face demerit points especially if your speeding rises to the level of reckless driving. To give yourself the best chance at avoiding demerit points being added to your license, call and schedule a Virginia Beach speeding ticket lawyer today.

How Many Demerit Points Will Be Added To My License?

The Virginia department of motor vehicles assigns a set number of demerit points to each possible offense in a long list which details how long each conviction will remain and how many points each is worth. After a conviction, the number of demerit points will stay on somebody’s driving record for two years. The consequences of accumulating too many demerit points too quickly is that someone can lose their driving privileges by having their driver’s license suspended, this usually happens to drivers who get 18 points within a year or 24 points within two years.

In order to get the points removed from your license, you have to have one year of good behavior which results in one positive point, or you can voluntarily take a driver improvement course every two years for a positive five points. Your insurance is notified every time the DMV is made aware of a new conviction, which can cause insurance premiums to go up typically for three years after the conviction takes place. Every single state has its own demerit point system so Virginia doesn’t include points for other jurisdiction’s infractions, nor does Virginia’s point system apply to out of state drivers.

Challenging Demerit Points In Virginia

The only way that you can challenge the points is to directly challenge the conviction that caused the points. You can do this by appealing your case and getting a new trial or reopening the case if it’s been more than ten days and less than 60 days. Another way to get the points back is to take a driver improvement class as long as it hasn’t been imposed as a requirement by the court. This can give you five positive points every two years. For every one year of good driving behavior, which means no new convictions, you’re also able to get one positive point back.

How Can a Virginia Beach Speeding Ticket Lawyer Help?

A Virginia Beach speeding ticket lawyer can help you get a restricted license if your driving privileges have been jeopardized by demerit points. A restricted license is available sometimes to people who have their license suspended, which allows them to drive to and from work, school, religious services, medical appointments and other crucial places.