Virginia Beach Speeding and Law Enforcement Officers 

Virginia Beach traffic law enforcement officer use a variety of tools and tactics to tell if a person is speeding. The first step is to visually identify the vehicle they believe is traveling at a high rate of speed. They are trained to recognize this. Then, they measure the speed by using a radar gun or a laser gun called LIDAR.

Sometimes police officers will pace the vehicles on the interstate by following behind the person and match their speed with their own speedometer to determine the person’s speed. The most common tool of measurement in Virginia Beach is radar. A skilled Virginia Beach attorney can offer more legal information regarding traffic law enforcement officers.

Officers Equipment and Speed Detection

In Virginia, the radar gun or laser has no printout. The police officer testifies as to how they used that equipment and that they had the person’s vehicle in the beam or they locked their equipment onto the person’s vehicle. The equipment reports what the person’s speed is according to the radar or the laser.

Contesting Claims by Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Officers

It is often difficult to contest a claim by a Virginia Beach traffic law enforcement officer because the police officer’s word can carry weight. They are not required to have a printout or anything physically verifying the officer’s testimony. The defense attorney would challenge how the traffic law enforcement officer established the person’s speed and make sure that were no other vehicles in the beam that the officer could have accidentally clocked.

Also, the police officer must have the radar gun calibrated every six months with the Virginia Department of Forensic Sciences, according to law. They also have to check the radar every morning or before the start of their shift and at the end of their shift. A police officer must use tuning forks to make sure his radar gun works correctly. If none of these steps are followed, the claim can be challenged. Additionally, the ticketed person can get their vehicle speedometer calibrated to make sure it is working properly.

Common Ways Speeding Tickets Are Issued in Virginia Beach

Speeding tickets are usually issued by a Virginia Beach traffic law enforcement officer on patrol, either working a stationary radar at a turnaround spot on the interstate or on the side of the road. They could also have their radar gun working while driving through town patrolling the area. Occasionally, people will call 911 and report a speeding driver, but the only time police officers typically write speeding tickets is when they see a person speeding.

Operator Error in the Use of Radar Guns

How often operator error occurs in the use of radar guns depends on who the operator is. Experienced police officers who have used radar guns or laser equipment for a long time are less likely to make mistakes. However, a younger, less experienced Virginia Beach traffic law enforcement officer may not use the equipment correctly or may not do everything exactly the way they are supposed to. A professional defense attorney in the area would know the police officers, would know if they are less experienced, and how acquainted they are with their equipment.