Penalties For Speeding in Virginia Beach

In Virginia Beach, speeding is generally a traffic infraction. The penalties for this are usually a fine, which increases based on how fast you were going, as well as demerit points on your DMV driving record which remain for two years.

If you are speeding faster than 20 miles over the posted speed limit or 80 miles/hour then the speeding is not just a traffic infraction anymore and it becomes reckless driving which is a criminal misdemeanor. The penalties for this are up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2500 along with all the same penalties that come with a traffic infraction. These penalties make it extremely important that you consult with a Virginia Beach speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Are There Any Long Term Consequences For A Speeding Ticket?

Despite the long terms effects of a misdemeanor and demerit points your insurance rates can sometimes go up based on the increase in your demerit points. If you receive too many points because of too many traffic convictions then it is also possible for your license to end up being suspended as well.

Can I Prepay A Speeding Ticket In Virginia?

It is possible to prepay speeding tickets in Virginia, however, this is equivalent to pleading guilty in court. So in the long run it is really not a great idea unless you just don’t care.

It is really important as well that you check on your speeding ticket to make sure that it is only speeding and not reckless driving because while it is possible to prepay a speeding ticket it is not allowable to prepay a reckless driving ticket and if you try to do this and don’t go to court the court will issue a warrant for your arrest and you can be charged with an additional misdemeanor for a ‘Failure to Appear’.

How Can These Penalties For Traffic Offenses Impact Your Life?

There is a whole variety of ways that penalties can affect your life. If you are charged with an infraction then you will probably have to pay fines and you will have to get demerit points on your records. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony you could be locked up for some time and lose your freedom. Additionally, a conviction on your criminal record can also affect your opportunities in the future. Any background check is going to bring up these criminal convictions which can affect your ability to obtain housing, student loans and even employment and security clearances. If you have too many of any type of conviction you often stand the risk of having your license suspended for a period of time and losing your driving privileges.

Why Is It Important To Seek An Aggressive Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

It is important to seek an aggressive Virginia speeding ticket lawyer because you want it to be worth hiring a lawyer. You can easily prepay your speeding ticket online and avoid the hassle of going to court and accepting the conviction.

You want someone who is going to aggressively fight for you to make sure that your rights are protected in court and that your side is clearly explained to the judge. An aggressive speeding ticket lawyer is going to give you the best results possible in your case and going to push as far as they can to make sure that your charges are either reduced or dismissed altogether.