Police Radar Detectors and Speeding Tickets

People sometimes use radar detectors to avoid getting caught speeding by law enforcement officials. Below, a Virginia Beach speeding ticket lawyer discusses the legality of these instruments, what happens if you get caught with one, and how a lawyer can help if you’ve been caught. Call today to discuss your particular case with our Virginia Beach speeding ticket lawyer.

Police Radar Detectors and How They Work

Police radar detectors are instruments that are used to detect if someone’s speed is being tracked by a radar gun used by law enforcement. They work by detecting the radar waves before the radar gun is close enough to detect the vehicle’s speed.

Legality of Radar Detectors

It’s not illegal to have a radar detector in your vehicle in Virginia as long as it’s not accessible to anyone in the vehicle including passengers and as long as it’s not plugged into a power source.

If you’re driving from a state where it’s legal to have radar detectors, then the best thing you can do is to put the radar detector in your trunk. You can’t just turn it off and disconnect it, and leave it accessible in your vehicle because it’s illegal to have the radar detector accessible to anyone inside of the vehicle.

Penalties for Having Radar Detector in Vehicle

The penalties for having a radar detector are generally just a fine. It is an option for the officer to take the device if he believes that it will be used in evidence. If he takes the device, then he is required to return it after the conclusion of the trial.

More Important Things About Radar Detectors

People should know that radar detectors are not the best way to get out of being detected by law enforcement officers. Radar detectors only detect very specific types of law enforcement equipment. They don’t detect LIDAR unless you have a different specific kind of radar detector and they also can’t detect pacing whatsoever because its’ just an  officer tracking a vehicle. People should know that they’re not going to get away with speeding just by having a radar detector and that the penalties associated with having them is not really worth the risk anyway.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid With Radar Detectors in Virginia Beach

The biggest mistakes to avoid with radar detectors in Virginia Beach is misunderstanding what exactly is illegal. It’s not illegal to have a radar detector at all; it’s only illegal if the radar detector is accessible inside of the vehicle. If it’s in the trunk it’s okay, as long as it’s turned off.

Radar Jammers in Virginia Beach

Radar jammer cause the police officer’s radar gun to cease functioning. Generally, police officers can tell if someone’s using one because the gun won’t show any reading at all rather than showing an incorrect reading. In Virginia Beach they’re not legal.

How a Lawyer Can Help If Charged

If you’ve been charged with illegally having a radar detector a lawyer can help ensure that you have been adequately charged with something that is actually illegal and that the officer  understands the law. A lawyer can help you get it back if for some reason the police officer fails to return it after the conclusion of your trial.