Sentencing in Virginia Beach Campus Sexual Misconduct Cases

If you have been accused of committing sexual misconduct on campus, you could be facing serious penalties and long-term consequences. A sexual misconduct charge could to a reprimand, suspension, or expulsion from school. Also, you could be looking at criminal penalties which could include significant fines, jail times, probation, and registering as a sex offender.  Fortunately, an attorney could help you if you are facing sentencing in Virginia Beach campus sexual misconduct cases. Call today and set up a consultation with a seasoned sexual misconduct lawyer.

Getting the Sentencing Results of a Campus Sexual Misconduct Hearing

Usually, the results of a sexual misconduct hearing are communicated to the student after the hearing is concluded. The results can be delivered by letter or in person. How this occurs varies from school to school. Sentencing in Virginia Beach campus sexual misconduct cases include reprimand, which is the lowest form of punishment, or it can be a suspension or expulsion.

The penalties given by the school only apply to the on-campus investigation, but disciplinary investigations can occur simultaneously with criminal charges. It is important to know that the results of the on-campus investigation are admissible and can be used in any subsequent criminal proceedings. Therefore, it is crucial for defendants to reach out to an accomplished defense attorney as soon as possible.

Difference Between Campus Hearings and Criminal Trials

On-campus hearings are not the same as criminal trials. A hearing does not have the same rules for evidence or the burden of proof as trials do. This means that an individual can be found in violation of the student honor code based on hearsay evidence and under a standard that is not as proving the crime happened beyond a reasonable doubt.

Based on hearsay evidence, a student can be expelled without ever having the chance to confront their witnesses, without being able to properly present evidence, and without having an attorney present. Being expelled while not having all the protections of a criminal trial is certainly unjust. Most of the time, the entities involved during the sentencing hearing are the disciplinary board, the campus police, and the alleged victim.

Preparing for a Sentencing Hearing

Preparing a student for the sentencing hearing will be just like preparing a person for a criminal trial. The student’s attorney will sit down with them and go over what questions are going to be asked and also what evidence they would like to produce at the sentencing hearing to get that student the best outcome possible.

How an Attorney Could Have a Positive Impact on Sentencing for the Defendant

A student defense attorney’s impact begins before sentencing. It begins at the beginning of the disciplinary process. A student defense attorney could gather evidence, speak with witnesses, and when the hearing occurs, present evidence and advocate on the student’s behalf. If the student is found in violation of the student code of conduct, a student defense attorney could negotiate on behalf of the student with any of the disciplinary entities involved. For more information about sentencing in Virginia Beach campus sexual misconduct cases and how a lawyer could help you, call today.