Virginia Beach Suspended License Lawyer

In Virginia Beach your license can be suspended for a whole variety of reasons such as accumulating too many points on your driving record, failing to pay fines and court costs, or being charged with DUI, in which case your license will be suspended right away and for even longer if convicted. W

hile having your license suspended may not seem like a big deal, it can be a hindrance to getting to work, school, or other places. Additionally, a license suspension can cost you money by raising your insurance rates. For these reasons if you are facing a license suspension or even if you have already had your license suspended, it is in your best interest to consult with a Virginia Beach suspended license lawyer who can look at the facts of your case and help you get your license re-instated as soon as possible.

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Common Causes of License Suspension in Virginia Beach

Some of the most common causes of license suspension in Virginia Beach are due to a failure to pay court costs or fines. Virginia requires anyone ordered by the court to pay a fine or court costs to pay them right away. If someone fails to do so they can have their license suspended by the courts for not complying with the fines.

License suspension can also be caused by failing to complete a driver improvement course, such as one that is ordered by the court, a reckless driving ticket at really high speed, and for excessive accumulation of demerit points from any driving violations.

Can You Challenge A License Suspension?

It is possible to challenge a suspension in the case of failing to pay by petitioning the court either by paying the fine so that you can get your license back or by coming up with a payment plan with the court and then petitioning to have your license reinstated.

It is important to comply with any orders of the court whether it is some other requirement like probation or a fine, obeying them is important. You can protect your privileges by making sure that you pay properly and if you are unable to pay right away or all in one lump sum then to address this issue with the court immediately and come up with a payment plan that is agreeable to both of you. Once there is an agreement in place then your driving privileges will be reinstated.

For other reasons you can petition the court to get a restricted license so that you have some driving privileges back even if it is not your full license. A Virginia Beach suspended license attorney can tell you if you may be eligible for a restricted license.

Can Your License Be Suspended For a DUI?

As a suspended license lawyer in Virginia Beach can tell you, if someone is charged with a DUI as a consequence their license is suspended automatically for 7 days. This is called an administrative suspension.

It is possible to challenge the suspension as well, but since it is only for 7 days it is important to do it as soon as possible because if you wait too long to try to challenge the suspension, the time will pass and then it will be no use challenging it when you would have already gotten your license back anyway.

You have to challenge the suspension with the court by filing a motion to do so and then you will have a hearing and the judge will decide there whether the suspension should be lifted or not. You will be required to go to court if you are trying to reinstate your license and if you are appealing a conviction to get your license back, due to the fact that the conviction is the reason your license got suspended.

How Can a Virginia Beach Suspended License Lawyer Help You Keep Your Driving Privileges?

A Virginia Beach suspended license lawyer can help protect your driving privileges by making sure that if a suspension is unavoidable that you can at least qualify for a restricted license which will allow you to drive to and from school, work or religious services and anywhere else that maybe important as deemed by the judge who finds that you are qualified.

A suspended license attorney in Virginia Beach can also protect your driving privileges by making sure that any conviction ultimately doesn’t lead to losing your driving privileges. They can do this by presenting strong evidence in court, and cross-examining the other side to shed some doubt on the charges and possibly reduce or dismiss them before they ever become something that affects your driving privileges.

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