Virginia Beach Larceny Lawyer

Larceny involves the theft of another’s personal property. In Virginia Beach, larceny offenses are treated harshly. If convicted, individuals may face serious jail time and fines. This is undoubtedly the case when the item that was allegedly taken has a significant monetary value.

If you are facing charges of petit or grand larceny in Virginia Beach, your best chance for avoiding the consequences of a conviction and maintaining your freedom is through the help of an aggressive theft attorney. While defending these charges can be challenging to do on your own, a Virginia Beach larceny lawyer has the skills and experience needed to help your case.

Understanding Larceny

The offense of larceny falls under the broad umbrella of theft crimes in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia State Code Section 18.2-95 defines larceny as the unlawful taking of a thing of value from another person. This thing of value is often money but could be any property or information, as well.

It is important to note that larceny only occurs when a thing of value is taken without consent. Anyone with express or implied permission to take or hold a thing of value has not committed a crime. Only when a person takes an object belonging to another person with the intent to deprive them of it does the crime of larceny occur.

Larceny Charges

There are two types of larceny charges in Virginia Beach, including petit larceny and grand larceny. While grand larceny carries much steeper penalties, there are consequences of a conviction for either charge. A seasoned Virginia Beach larceny attorney could provide you with in-depth guidance on how these charges differ.

According to Virginia Code Section 182.-96, petit larceny is a misdemeanor offense that carries up to one year in county jail. A charge of petit larceny is appropriate when the value of the theft is less than $500 in total.

Grand larceny covers the theft of more expensive items. Grand larceny typically involves the theft of an item valued at $500 or more. However, other circumstances can lead to this charge. The theft of a firearm other than when it is taken directly from another person is grand larceny.

Additionally, the theft of any item worth more than $5 that is taken with force from another person also counts under the statute. If convicted, a defendant could be sentenced up to 20 years behind bars in a grand larceny case. A diligent Virginia Beach larceny attorney could build a defense to help the defendant avoid the harsh consequences of a conviction.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude

The fine or jail sentence that comes with a conviction is not the only potential consequence. Larceny is considered a crime of moral turpitude, which means a crime involving lying, stealing, or cheating. A conviction for a crime of moral turpitude can have a severe impact on a number of areas. It can bar a person from jury duty or affect their immigration status.

In some cases, a crime of moral turpitude could lead to the deportation of a non-resident. Many employers, including those that require a security clearance, are unlikely to hire anyone with such a conviction.

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