Virginia Beach Robbery Arrest Process

The charges associated with robbery in Virginia Beach are very serious. The charges almost likely will either to lead to a large fine and jail time. It is important to contact a Virginia Beach robbery lawyer if arrested for robbery to best understand the arrest process and what to expect.

Arrest and Booking

Individuals charged with robbery are usually treated like violent criminals when being apprehended because robbery is a crime of violence. Robbery arrest scenarios can be more or less tense depending upon the facts of the case such as whether it was a particularly violent or gruesome robbery. Also considered, is any history of crime or history of violent offenses that would lead the police to treat them as a threat. Ultimately, police are going to be careful even on the simplest robbery charges where no weapon was alleged and there are minimal injuries because it is considered a violent crime.

After an individual is arrested, the police put him or her in a squad car and drive down to the police station. The individual is fingerprinted and taken before a magistrate. Since it is a robbery charge, there is a presumption against bail which means that a magistrate is not supposed to give an individual bond. They have to go before a judge and then the judge has to make that decision. An individual will then be held at the police station until their bond hearing.

Typically, the complaining witness calls the police and takes out a complaint, claiming that they have been robbed. The police will investigate and if they deem a crime has happened, they will locate the individual and tell him or her to come to the police station or take him or her to the police station and will make an arrest.  The individual is supposed to be held without bail at least initially until they have a chance to appear before a judge because this is a crime that carries with it a presumption against bail.


If an individual does not have a lengthy criminal history and the police officers either knows the individual and has a good relationship with the individual, a Virginia Beach robbery attorney is able to work something out. They may be given the opportunity to arrange the arrest on their time.

This is one of the many advantages of having an experienced lawyer because, often, they can involve him or herself in the case. If they know an individual has not been arrested yet and knows they are going to be arrested, the lawyer can make an arrangement for the client to come to the court or the police station and turn themselves in.

Benefit of Surrendering

If an individual is able to make some arrangements before being arrested for robbery in Virginia Beach, they may be able to get a lawyer in place to help get bonded out. Also, once an individual is in jail, it is tougher line up an attorney get in touch with witnesses who may be able to help with the case.

If an individual is able to gain a few extra hours before going to jail and in a position to turn him or herself in rather than the police coming for him or her, that is a better scenario for the defendant.


The indictment or indictments usually go over to the police and the police have to serve them.  It usually depends on the severity of the case and often, for a robbery case, it will probably be a priority to serve those if this is somebody who is not being held on any other charges. However, it may take some time and they have to locate the person being charged. It can take a little longer to serve an indictment as opposed to an arrest warrant.

Contact an Attorney

If arrested for robbery in Virginia Beach, they should be very hesitant about talking to the police. The police not an individual’s friends in those situations; they are trying to get as much information as they can out of the individual to collect as much evidence. It is important to keep in mind that if an individual does talk to the police, they are not talking to people who have their best interests at heart.

Robbery is a felony charge that has lifetime effects. Building a case to avoid jail time is possible with the guidance of an experienced Virginia Beach robbery lawyer. Please contact an attorney today to help begin the process of building a defense.

If an individual has not already done so, they should be able to contact an attorney later once the booking process is over. An individual will be given an opportunity to make a phone call and they should do that or have somebody connect them with an attorney as soon as possible.