Evidence in a Virginia Beach Robbery Case

How a lawyer refutes evidence in a Virginia Beach robbery case depends on what exactly the evidence is. There are a number of approaches the defense may take. For example, if there is an alibi witness, that is extremely useful. If it is possible to place the client in a different place than the scene of the crime at the time it happened, that is something an attorney will use. Barring that, the defense will look at the reliability of any eyewitnesses that the prosecution presents. People tend to forget things. They misremember things, so a robbery lawyer will focus on that with an eye toward finding contradictions or inconsistencies in their testimony. If you are facing charges, a skilled local attorney can walk you through the evidence in a Virginia Beach robbery case and help you build a defense.


One of the most important factors to examine when reviewing a case is the timeline of events. An attorney will want to see exactly how the Commonwealth says it all played out, see if there is anything that is inconsistent or incoherent about that timeline. Then they will look at exactly what the prosecution has that identifies the client. If it is just their eyewitness testimony, that is one thing. If there is scientific evidence, such as fingerprints or DNA testing that place the client at the scene, that can be more difficult.

Forensic Data

When it comes to different ways that defense attorneys deal with forensic evidence in a Virginia Beach robbery case, they have to review it and determine where it points. For example, with DNA evidence, sometimes, it is possible to determine conclusively that is a 1 in 7 billion chance that it is not your client. Other times, a full profile is not possible and the prosecution can only say that the client has similarities with the DNA but that there is not enough of a match to say conclusively that it is the client.  In another example, a lot of times, there will be footprints that are from common shoes that could apply to anybody.

In another example, a lot of times, there will be footprints that are from common shoes that could apply to anybody. There is also the question of fingerprints. In other words, were there enough markings present to connect the fingerprints at the scene to the client.

Expert Witnesses

As far as demonstrating potential inaccuracies, sometimes a defense attorney has to bring an expert witness, especially if it is DNA evidence or something highly scientific. Experts can  be  useful especially on scientific evidence, which can include:

  • DNA
  • Blood Analysis
  • Medical research

These are things that people do not necessarily have great knowledge of so an expert can come in and explain the differences and nuances in detail. In addition, an expert witness can issue their opinion as to what happened based on what they have heard of the evidence, whereas a normal witness does not have that freedom.  Therefore, if defense counsel is looking to further their theory on the chain of events, having an expert corroborate the realistic possibility of that version can be extremely useful.

How an Attorney Can Help Leverage Experience

When it comes to evidence in a Virginia Beach robbery case, paperwork and forensic evidence are highly valued. This is because they are generally considered to be more reliable than eyewitness testimony and therefore tend to carry more weight. An experienced attorney will know to look for something tangible that they can present to the jury. This could be even more effective if the Commonwealth does not have anything of the kind. Overall, a Virginia Beach robbery lawyer will be well equipped to build the strongest defense possible, thanks to extensive resources and years of experience.

Overcoming Challenges

Using the evidence gathered, an experienced attorney is prepared to go into court with an understanding of what it is that they want the judge or the jury to take away from each witness.  For instance, there are many reasons why a witness who claims to have seen the defendant could be wrong, including:

  • It was a fleeting glance
  • It was dark
  • It was their first time ever seeing the individual
  • The sighting was from a distance

In this and other scenarios, an experienced attorney will be sure to question and challenge any damaging statements made or presented by the prosecution.