Virginia Beach Robbery Penalties

Robbery is a felony that is taken very seriously in Virginia Beach. If an individual is convicted of robbery, they run the risk of an active prison sentence. Additionally, they will have to give up their rights to possess a firearm, right to vote and will have to disclose a felony status on any job application.

If charged with robbery, it is important to contact a skilled robbery defense lawyer right away. The Virginia Beach robbery penalties associated are life changing and the support from an attorney is absolutely necessary.


A robbery conviction carries up to life in prison. A life sentence is typically unlikely unless an individual has a past criminal record and the current case is especially damaging. In that type of situation, life in prison could be the worst-case scenario. If charged with robbery, it is very likely that they will receive jail time due to the seriousness of the charge.

Evidence Used

The prosecutor must prove that an individual took an item from another person using force. Additionally, they need to prove that this was done using a deadly weapon and that the victim felt a force of threat.

If there is a question of identity, a Virginia Beach robbery lawyer will want evidence as to where the client was at the time of the offense, possibly an alibi witness. If the question is whether or not they actually committed the crime, the lawyer will want to try to collect any surveillance video or photo evidence depicting what happened in order to make an argument as to whether or not there actually was a robbery that occurred.

Robbery vs. Theft

Both robbery and theft have the same aspect of taking an item from an individual. However, when an individual resorts to violence to take an item from someone, the charge changes to robbery, which consists of different penalties. Taking the item in a threatening or forcing way would also make it a robbery charge.

If there are issues with the case, such as the witness cannot testify clearly who committed this crime or there is a dispute as to whether or not there was an actual force, that can be used in negotiations.

Preparing a Defense

First, the Virginia Beach robbery lawyer will talk to the client to get their version of events. Then the lawyer will look at all the evidence against the client, which includes:

  • Possible witness statement
  • Surveillance footage
  • Third parties involved
  • What was taken
  • Where an item that was taken from
  • Use of force
  • Injuries
  • Police Reports

Collecting all possible evidence is crucial when building a defense. The more evidence, the better the defense will be to mitigate any potential robbery penalties in Virginia Beach.

Contacting a Lawyer

A local Virgina Beach robbery lawyer is likely to know the prosecutors and the officers. Relationships in these types of cases are important and can benefit the outcome of a case. An experienced attorney can talk to the right people and get evidence that is needed to build a defense to mitgiate penalties for a robbery offense. If charged with robbery, please do not hesitate and contact a Virgina Beach robbery lawyer.