Virginia Beach Robbery Plea Deals

If an individual is offered a Virginia Beach robbery plea deal, they can also be offered a charge to a larceny misdemeanor or a felony larceny. The individual may be offered an assault and battery misdemeanor depending on the facts.

The pleas relate to what an individual is charged with. An individual may be offered a plea to a misdemeanor. They may be offered a plea to a felony, to a lesser felony that carries with it less jail time than that of robbery. There may be a plea to the robbery or an agreement on sentencing. It may be critical to contact an experienced robbery attorney before making the decision to take a plea deal.

An individual will want to see what evidence the Commonwealth has and determine if they can prove the case, keeping in mind how they will be portrayed in these cases. The help of an attorney is extremely important when presenting and defending cases, impacting the plea offerings.

Deciding on How to Plead

An experienced attorney will have an idea as to whether or not the Commonwealth can meet their burden. They will also be able to tell an individual if this is a case that is worth taking to trial and if there is a reasonable chance of success. They will often be able to determine if this is a case where the defendant should not run the risk of the judge and jury hearing all of the evidence and getting a chance to sentence them.

If a defendant is representing themselves, they can negotiate robbery plea deals in Virginia Beach directly with the prosecutor. However, a prosecutor may not take them seriously if they do not believe that they are capable of exploiting any weaknesses in the case. An individual will want to try to figure out what it is that can be proven and how likely is a risk of an elevated sentence either due to past criminal history or due to the facts of the case.

Settling Affairs at Home

Considering Virginia Beach robbery plea deals, if an individual is being held in jail, they may have a hard time getting in contact with people. An individual can give the attorney permission to contact an individual and discuss information on their behalf. An individual can get an attorney to help get things done while the individual is in jail and needs someone outside of jail to get things accomplished.

If an individual is a sole breadwinner for a family and they are arrested, that income goes away. If this is something that is publicized, the family can be the victim of retaliation when people hear about this from the press and they think that, somehow, they are responsible for what a family member did.

An individual’s car can be seized it if it was used in the commission of a crime. To seize the house is a more complicated process. It is a little more difficult for them to throw people out. They have to go through the eviction procedures so that is not something that happens regularly. There are many considerations that should be taken early on in a case before harsher actions are going to be taken.

Forfeited Assets

If an individual is dealing with forfeited assets, they can file a motion to unfreeze assets and the Commonwealth or the federal government has to show why all of the accounts have been frozen and what caused them to have to do that. Often, an individual can get money from friends or other family members and get loans to take care of that. Technically, lawyers are not ethically supposed to take money that came from the commission of a crime.

An individual will have to go through the courts to file a petition in the courts to unfreeze assets and present the motion and the Commonwealth has to show good cause as to why his or her assets should remain frozen.