Virginia Beach Demerit Point System

Anyone convicted of a traffic violation in Virginia is likely to have demerit points added to their license. Below, a traffic lawyer in Virginia Beach discusses the demerit point system and how it can affect your privilege to drive. For more information regarding your case, call and schedule a free consultation today.

In Virginia, the uniform demerit point system is what they use to assess demerit points for drivers on their driving records. Anyone with a Virginia driver’s license is going to be held accountable to this uniform demerit point system. The DMV has set a particular number of demerit points for each type of traffic offense which is unchanging and is listed online on the DMV website and is available in hard copy through the mail.

If someone is convicted, then the corresponding number of demerit points is added to their driving record and remains there for 2 years. The conviction, however, will remain on their record indefinitely. The consequences of getting too may points in a short period are that your drivers license will be suspended. If you get 18 points in 12 months or 24 points within 24 months then that will usually result in a license suspension.

Is There Anyway to Erase Demerit Points From Your Driving Record?

There is no way to drop points off your record within the two year period, however, you do get one positive point for each year of good driving behavior that you have and up to 5 positive points if you take a driver improvement class.

As far as insurance premium goes the DMV always notifies the defendant’s insurance the second they are made aware of any new convictions on your records. This can cause insurance rates to go up often for more years than the points will stay on your record.

Every single state has its own system so Virginia doesn’t include points for any infractions from other jurisdictions nor does Virginia’s point system apply to out of state drivers.

Is There Anyway To Challenge The Points Assessed To Your License?

You can’t challenge the points on your license but you can challenge the conviction that led to the points. So if you feel that you were charged and convicted of something and it shouldn’t be that way then within 10 days of the conviction you are able to appeal in order to have the case heard again.

How Can A Virginia Traffic Lawyer Help Keep Demerit Points From Jeopardizing Your Driving Privileges?

If your license has been suspended which means that your driving privileges have been jeopardized, a Virginia Beach traffic lawyer can help petition the court for you to get you a restricted driver’s license. This will allow you to drive to and from work, school or religious services or sometimes anywhere else specifically the judge feels it is there.

A Virginia traffic lawyer can also help you handle the charges before they become convictions that affect your driving privileges. It is best to get a lawyer from the very beginning so that you are not struggling in the end trying to get driving privileges back. It is always better to not lose your driving privileges in the first place.