Different Type of Traffic Offenses in Virginia Beach

In Virginia, traffic offenses can be very serious as there is a whole range of different infractions that can affect both your driving records, your insurance, and in some cases, even your criminal record. For this reason if you are charged or cited for an offense it is in your best interest to consult with a Virginia Beach traffic lawyer who can advise you on what you are up against and help explain your interests are.

Below is more information on the varying degrees of traffic offenses and how they can impact drivers in the Virginia Beach area. To learn more or discuss a specific case call and schedule a consultation with an attorney today.

What Are Some Examples of Minor and Major Traffic Offenses?

An example of a minor traffic offense in Virginia is driving with tinted windows, which are illegal in Virginia, or running a stop sign. In Virginia an example of a major traffic offense is driving on a suspended license, reckless driving or a DUI.

The difference between these minor infractions and the more serious misdemeanor and felony offenses are in the long term and short term effects. An infraction is not punishable by any jail time and a conviction only affects somebody’s driving records and will result in potentially a fine. For misdemeanors and felony traffic offenses, however, not only are driving records affected, but they can also affect criminal records. Misdemeanors are less serious than felony traffic offenses but they still end up on your criminal records and are still jailable offenses. Felonies usually carry heavier fines and instead of jail time you are looking at prison time.

What Are The First Things Someone Should Do If Facing Serious Traffic Charges in Virginia?

First thing someone should do if they are facing serious traffic charges in Virginia is to get in touch with a lawyer. Even if they ultimately decide that the lawyer is not for them, a lawyer can give you a better idea of what your options are and what exactly the charges mean that you are facing.

It is really important in Virginia that you know exactly what you are being charged with because it can be confusing, especially when you run the risk of believing that you are getting a speeding ticket when actually you are getting charged with reckless driving. The implications of criminal misdemeanors are much different than that of a regular speeding ticket. So if you get a lawyer this step becomes automatically a lot easier so really the best thing to do is get an attorney.

What Can a Traffic Lawyer Do To Help?

A Virginia traffic attorney’s role is to do anything possible to help you get the best results for your case. This includes helping you to present evidence properly at trial using the correct procedures and by also providing a strong cross-examination of the police officer that charged you in the first place.

An attorney can help you because they know how to properly cast reasonable doubt on the testimony and the evidence issued by the other side, which in an ideal situation, can get your case dismissed completely or at the very least have the charges reduced. They can also negotiate for lesser penalties even if you are found to be guilty.