Virginia Beach Hit and Run Charges

Hit and run is when somebody damages some type of property, whether it be actual real property or another vehicle, and then rather than leaving their information at the scene, they flee without reporting it or leaving their information for the other drivers. This is considered a serious charge and as a result if you are accused if may be in your best interest to consult with a Virginia Beach traffic lawyer as soon as possible.

What Level of Offense Are Hit and Run Charges?

In Virginia, the level of offense of a hit and run depends on how much damage was caused, and whether the hit and run resulted in an injury or death. Generally, if someone was injured then the offense will be a felony. If it’s only property damage, then it would usually be a misdemeanor offense, but it will still depend on the amount of damage involved.

Does Someone Need to Be Hurt For Hit and Run To Be Charged?

No one else even needs to be present. You could hit a parked car and drive away and it would still be considered a hit and run.

Common Ways Hit and Run is Charged

The most common way that hit and run is charged in Virginia Beach is when there’s an accident and someone just leaves the scene without providing their information or even stopping. Oftentimes these accidents involve drunk drivers who will hit someone’s property and then drive away because they don’t want to get a DUI charge. However this often just means they’ll be facing both a DUI and a hit and run charge.

Unfortunately, hit and run is a pretty common offense but due to the nature of it, people get away and that’s the whole purpose of the crime. It’s not able to be charged as frequently as it is committed.

How Are Hit and Run Drivers Typically Caught?

It’s pretty tough to pull someone over for a hit and run. Generally, officers don’t get the opportunity and instead someone else calls in and states that there was a hit and run and they give the officer the license plate of the vehicle they saw. So when officer is looking for someone in terms of a hit and run they are usually looking for a very specific vehicle that was described by someone at the scene.

Prosecution of Hit and Run Cases

It depends on how bad the hit and run was as to who prosecutes it. Sometimes it’s just the police officer, if it’s not a very serious situation, meaning  no one was injured and the property damage is not over a thousand dollars. When it gets to be more serious, however, then the prosecution does step in. Oftentimes hit and run is attached to another crime such as a DUI in which case the prosecution does step in.

If you are charged with hit and run you can expect no leniency at all. These cases are taken extremely seriously by the judges and are considered to be a huge disregard for the law when somebody commits this kind of crime and just decides not to report it.

How Can A Virginia Beach Lawyer Help?

A Virginia hit and run lawyer can explain to you what the charge means and what the requirements are for someone to have been charged with a hit and run. With any charge in Virginia, it’s really important to understand the elements that need to be met in order for a conviction to stand. A lawyer can not only explain this to you but can also explain to you what your options are going forward and what the best things for you to do are in order to prepare for your day in court as well as what to do for your day in court.