Traffic Offenses in Virginia Beach

Although they may seem minor at the time, traffic offenses can be very serious in Virginia with some of them rising to the level of a criminal offense. With that said, however, a Virginia Beach traffic lawyer can absolutely defend you and ensure that you put forth the strongest defense possible for your case. A lawyer will be able to discuss your case so that you know exactly what you’re up against and what steps you should take.

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Different Types of Traffic Offenses in Virginia Beach

In Virginia Beach there are three different types of traffic violations: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies the main difference of which is the punishment and the long-term effects. A traffic infraction is not punishable by any jail time and the conviction in the long term will disappear completely from someone’s driving record. In contrast, a misdemeanor and felony are both jail-able offenses, with felonies in particular being punishable by penitentiary time. Both of these are criminal offenses which will not only affect your driving records, but it will also affect your criminal record, which does not disappear with passage of time. A criminal record is forever and can have many long terms consequences unrelated to the initial punishment.

Examples of Minor and Major Traffic Violations

In Virginia, an example of a minor traffic offense is having tinted windows or general speeding. An example of a major traffic offense is driving on a suspended license or driving while under the influence.

How Can Penalties From a Traffic Offense Affect Someone’s Life?

The penalties from a criminal conviction or even just a simple traffic infraction can be pretty long reaching. They can result in jail time for criminal offense, fines for all of the above and potentially a loss of your driving privileges. Even longer term consequences include when you are subject to a background check and these offenses come up, you may lose future opportunities such as future job opportunities, the ability to obtain housing, or the ability to obtain student loans.

What A Virginia Beach Traffic Lawyer Can Do To Help

Virginia traffic case attorney’s role is to help you get the best result possible depending on what your personal situation is. An attorney can help you understand exactly what your charges are and explain how best to approach them in court. They know the way to properly introduce evidence at the trial and they know what an effective cross-examination of a police officer or prosecutor is going to look like. They can help you cast reasonable doubt on allegations against you and ideally can get these charges dismissed or at the very least reduced so that you’re facing less harsh penalties than you would be if you went in alone.

Can a Lawyer Still Help If You Are An Out of State Driver?

If you’re an out of state driver with a traffic ticket in Virginia, a Virginia lawyer can absolutely help you. An out of state driver with a traffic ticket in Virginia who does not wish to return to appear in court will be required to pay the fine and admit that they were guilty of this crime, or they will have to come back to Virginia in order to fight the charge in court. A Virginia lawyer can avoid both of these outcomes by appearing for you so that you don’t have to come back, and by fighting the charge so you don’t have to admit guilt and you would like the opportunity to have the charge reduced or dismissed.