Chesapeake Traffic Lawyer

In Chesapeake, Virginia, traffic offenses can be extremely serious. A lot of traffic cases have really long-term, harsh consequences. It is really important for an individual to work with a Chesapeake traffic lawyer so that they know exactly what they are being charged with and what they should be doing to build a strong defense.

Minor and Major Traffic Offenses

In Chesapeake, an example of a minor traffic violation is driving without your lights on or doing an improper left turn. A major traffic violation would be a DUI charge or driving on a suspended license.

The major difference between infractions, misdemeanors and felony traffic offenses is the possible consequences. An infraction is punishable by a fine and demerit points on a person’s driver’s license. Other than that, there are no long-term consequences after those demerit points disappear and the conviction disappears from their driving record.

Felony and misdemeanor convictions, in contrast, have consequences that last forever. They are criminal offenses, so not only are they punishable by a fine and demerit points, but they also have the possibility of time in jail or prison.

Potential Penalties

Traffic penalties in Chesapeake can have a pretty massive impact on anybody’s life. Immediately following the offense they have to pay the fines and they may have to spend some time locked up. In the long term, their driving privileges could be suspended for a good amount of time, which can be really inconvenient to people who have to drive to work. It can also have an effect on other things, such as their employment, ability to qualify for student loans, and ability to obtain housing.

The Role of a Chesapeake Traffic Attorney

The attorney’s role in a serious traffic case in Chesapeake is to help build the strongest defense possible in an attempt to shed reasonable doubt on the charges. The whole point is to try to get charges reduced or ultimately dismissed altogether. A traffic attorney in Chesapeake can do this by helping to present evidence in court that is relevant to their client’s case and favorable to them, and doing so properly and in a persuasive manner. An attorney can also cross-examine the other side, in an attempt to shed reasonable doubt on the facts.

For Out-of-State Drivers

Out-of-state drivers probably benefit from in-state Chesapeake traffic lawyers because many times a lawyer here can make it so the out-of-state driver does not have to return to Virginia to answer to the charge. The lawyers can appear on the driver’s behalf so that the out-of-state driver has the opportunity to still have the case heard without the added burden and cost of having to come back to Chesapeake.

The other alternative is to plead guilty online and pay the charge that way. A lot of people do not want to do that because they feel that they are not guilty or do not deserve that conviction. In these cases, they are in a bind because the cost of the ticket is usually not as much as the cost of coming back to answer to the ticket.