Radar Detectors in Hampton

In Hampton, radar detectors are illegal as long as they’re accessible to anyone in the vehicle. This means that you can have a broken radar detector in your vehicle and it will still be illegal. It also means that you can have a radar detector in your trunk which won’t be illegal. Every model of radar detector is illegal in Hampton. It doesn’t matter which one you have.

People should know that Hampton police officers use a variety of methods to detect speeding in Hampton. Somebody who is trying to avoid getting a speeding ticket in Hampton by using a radar detector is not going to protect themselves from every avenue that the police have. They not only use radar but they also use LiDAR which requires a specialized detector. They also pace vehicles which is not detectable at all.

Penalties for Having a Hampton Radar Detector

The penalties for having a radar detector are just a fine. There’s no demerit points awarded for having one. The officer doesn’t always take the radar detector away, but sometimes they will take it if they feel that they need it for evidence. After the conclusion of the trial, however, they’re required to return it because it’s no longer needed as evidence.

Travelling From State Where Radar Detectors Are Legal

If you’re coming into Hampton, Virginia from somewhere where it’s perfectly legal to have a radar detector, it’s still okay to keep your radar detector in your vehicle. You have to unplug it from the power source and you have to put it somewhere where it’s not accessible to anyone in the vehicle. It would be okay if you put the radar detector in your trunk as long it was unplugged and turned off.

Radar Jammers

Radar jammers are kind of similar to radar detectors in that they are devices use by people in an attempt to avoid being caught speeding in Hampton. It causes the police officer’s radar gun to stop working. In general, these are detectable by officers because the police can tell if someone is using a radar jammer because rather than showing a faulty reading, a radar gun will not show any reading at all. They are not legal in Hampton.

Mistakes to Avoid with Radar Detectors

The biggest mistakes to avoid with radar detectors in Hampton are to misunderstand what it is that is illegal. You’re not allowed to have a radar detector as long as it’s accessible to somebody in the vehicle. Even if you have one and it’s unplugged, you’re still going to get in trouble if it is accessible. It’s really better to just not have one at all or to make sure it’s always in your trunk and unplugged.

How a Hampton Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Help

If you’re charged with illegally having a radar detector, a Hampton speeding ticket lawyer can help you get it back at the conclusion of your trial as long as it’s within 6 months. After 6 months have passed from the day of your trial, it’s okay for the court to destroy any radar detector that has not been collected.