Hampton Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding offenses can be very serious in Hampton. There are a lot of drivers on the road in Hampton so there are a lot of speeding tickets issued. Luckily, a Hampton speeding ticket attorney can help to have your charges reduced or dismissed and help lessen the effect that these charges will have on your life. Call today and schedule a consultation with an attorney in Hampton today to discuss your case.

Types of Speeding Offenses in Hampton

In Hampton there are traffic infractions, and misdemeanors and felony offenses for speeding. The difference is that traffic infractions for speeding only go towards affecting somebody’s driving record, whereas misdemeanors and felonies affect somebody’s criminal record and are also jail-able. Within each, the penalties increase as the speed increases with the charge going from a traffic infraction up to 19 miles/hour over the posted speed limit and then becoming a misdemeanor once the speed reaches 80 miles/hour or more anywhere in Virginia, or 20 miles/hour or more over the posted speed limit.

Speeding v. Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is a criminal offense which means that you are required to appear in person to answer to the charge and cannot prepay. This is because for criminal charges you can be put in jail and you need to be present in order to face that.

How Law Enforcement Prove You Were Speeding

In Hampton the officers use a variety of instruments and methods to determine whether a motorist is speeding. The police use radar, LIDAR, and pacing to track the speed of drivers on the road. As long as the radar or LIDAR equipment is functioning properly and the officers are following the correct protocol, they can tell if you are speeding by utilizing any of the above mentioned methods. Pacing does not require anything more than the officer’s own speedometer. The officer matches the speed of the driver suspected of speeding with his cruiser, and then determines if the driver is speeding by looking at the speed on the cruiser’s speedometer. As long as his speedometer is functioning properly, and he paced the vehicle correctly, the officer can tell whether the driver is speeding.

Some people will try to avoid getting a speeding citation by using radar detectors or jammers. These are illegal in Hampton and the rest of Virginia. Getting caught with one can lead to further penalties.

It is not mandatory that you show up to court for a speeding ticket but if you prepay online you are admitting guilt for the offense. It is much better to give yourself an opportunity to get out of the ticket or to have it potentially reduced for a lesser charge which can only be done by appearing in person. To discuss your case consult with a Hampton speeding ticket lawyer today.

Advantages of A Hampton Speeding Ticket Lawyer

An experienced Hampton speeding ticket lawyer is going to know what arguments to make in court that will be the most convincing to the judges to possibly have your charges reduced or dismissed so that you don’t have to worry about any of the consequences that come with pleading guilty to a speeding ticket. They will keep you informed on what to expect when you show up in court. Every single case has its own specific facts and details that may be unique. It is important to have someone on your side that has dealt with issues similar to your own so that they can have a good feel for what your options. Your options will change based on the specific judge and your specific circumstances, so consult with a Hampton speeding ticket lawyer today to discuss your case.