Hampton Roads Gun Lawyer

If a person is charged with a gun law penalty, it is important to have a knowledgeable gun law attorney in Hampton Roads because some firearm charges carry mandatory jail sentences. A knowledgeable attorney with experience in firearm charges is familiar with such cases and may be able to help an individual avoid the harshest penalties.

If charged with a gun offense, a person meeting with an experienced criminal attorney should be ready to provide their court date, their specific charges, and the names of any witnesses to the case who may be able to provide a neutral, unbiased account of what happened.

Building a Defense for Gun Charges

Hampton Roads gun attorneys can prepare the accused for trial by working with them to review the timeline of events and the evidence that may be used at trial, and to identify any witnesses to the incident who may be able to share information and possibly provide exculpatory testimony. Attorneys work with the accused to prepare them to testify and tell their version of events. In cases in which ballistics analysis may be needed, attorneys may seek to find expert witnesses to determine whether or not a specific gun was used in a crime.

The way a Hampton Roads gun lawyer builds a defense for a person accused of committing a gun offense varies depending on the type of charge and the facts of the case. In some cases, the evidence against the defendant is based on eyewitnesses accounts. An attorney may try to rely on their testimony for their case depending on the collected evidence. In cases involving forensic evidence, fingerprints or testing, attorneys may have additional tests performed or may work to show limitations with the testing that was presented by the prosecution.

Expected Time Frame of a Firearm Case

The duration of the legal process for a gun law offense depends on the type of charge. Misdemeanors typically take up to 90 days once charged, while felony cases typically take longer, depending on the case. A case of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon may only take a couple of months from beginning to end, while a firearm charge as part of a larger felony charge such as robbery or murder may take a long time to get through the courts.

Potential Diversion Agreements

A diversion agreement is entered into by the government and the defense in order to defer a finding and the individual, rather than finding the individual guilty. Diversion agreements are not typically entered into for firearm charges, but under some circumstances, this type of agreement may be reached.

Advice From a Firearm Lawyer

A Hampton Roads gun lawyer could help answer your questions regarding firearm ownership and firearm safety, and provide advice and suggestions regarding Virginia’s firearm laws. Depending on the attorney, they may provide advice to people with legal questions regarding firearms. Attorneys with experience trying firearm cases as well as those with personal experience using firearms may provide advice, while other attorneys may not feel comfortable providing advice on these matters.