Hampton Roads Armed Robbery Lawyer 

In Virginia, robbery does not have a separate armed robbery code section. It is all robbery. However, it is punished differently at sentencing. If a person is convicted of robbery and they used a weapon, it is calculated in a person’s sentence. A Hampton Roads armed robbery lawyer can explain charges in more depth. Talk to a qualified lawyer today.

Elements of Charges

Robbery is the taking of property from another person. An individual has to take something with the intent to deprive by using force or the threat of force. When it is an armed robbery, the person uses some sort of weapon. It could be a knife or it could be a gun. A person does not have to display it or use it. A person can just suggest it. For example, if a person demonstrates that they have a gun in their pocket and makes another believe they are going to use that gun, it could be considered armed robbery.

Circumstances of Plea Deals

Hampton Road armed robbery lawyers evaluate the strength of the evidence, the likelihood of success, and any sort of plea offer being made to determine whether or not the offer being made is better or worse than the chances of going to trial. If the offer is a quality one and there is a higher risk of being found guilty, they would probably recommend taking the plea offer because this is a charge that could carry up to life in prison. Depending on whether firearm charges are involved, there could be additional mandatory time. If the plea deal is something where a person can reduce the length of said time, it may be worthwhile.

Preparing a Defense for Armed Robbery

A person wants to see whether the Commonwealth can prove that the person was the one who committed the robbery. How can they demonstrate that it was that person and not somebody else? They have to look at the evidence and see what can be proven that the individual did. They work from there to see if there is something that they could successfully fight or something for which there is no evidence for and they have a solid case against the individual. They need to try and plead to avoid an even lengthier jail sentence.

Evidence Compiled

A Hampton Roads armed robbery lawyer will look for alibi witnesses and people who can establish that an individual was not at the scene of the crime. Assuming they cannot establish any of that, they look to see if anyone witnessed the event and can say whether or not the individual did what they are alleged to have done. They look at what the Commonwealth has and what their evidence is against the person to see how that could be refuted. If there are videos, photos, or witnesses, they figure out what they can do to counteract that.

Contacting a Hampton Roads Armed Robbery Lawyer

An individual wants an attorney that is experienced, that has handled robbery charges and serious felonies before, and is going to explore every angle to either get the case dismissed or work something out. These are very serious charges and can carry with them a minimum of five years to life in prison. When there are robbery charges with a weapon involved, those add to the penalty. If they use a firearm, they can be charged with the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, which is another charge and could tack on a minimum of three years. A person wants a Hampton Road armed robbery lawyer who does everything they can for that person. Contact an attorney today.