Benefits of a Hampton Roads Armed Robbery Lawyer

If you are facing armed robbery charges, you may want to consider obtaining an experienced armed robbery attorney in Hampton Roads. Local attorneys tend to have a greater understanding of how the local jurisdictions work. They will also have a strong relationship with the prosecutors and judges. This allows the lawyer to know which defense strategies and negotiation tactics may be beneficial. Do not face these serious allegations alone, call today to learn more about the benefits of a Hampton Roads armed robbery lawyer.

Plea Deals

One of the benefits of a Hampton Roads armed robbery lawyer is that they will investigate all the facts of the case in order to keep the defendant’s best interests in mind. This means that sometimes a plea deal is the best course of action for the defendant. The plea offer could be less of a risk than going to trial if the prosecution team has a strong case. Accepting a plea deal could mean that the defendant is not facing as severe as penalties as if they went to trial and got convicted. However, if the plea deal is not adequate, then the lawyer can reject the offer and try to negotiate for another deal or take the case to trial.

Negotiating Charges to a Lesser Offense

It is important to remember that the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed armed robbery in order to secure a conviction. This means they must prove both aspects of the crime, the robbery and the dangerous weapon used in the course of the crime. It is common in these cases to see issues with the evidence that can make it difficult to prove that there was a weapon used during the robbery. If this is the case, the state may be more willing to work out a deal with the defendant’s attorney. Also, a lawyer may be able to negotiate for a lesser charge than armed robbery if the defendant has a clean record. The benefit of a Hampton Roads armed robbery attorney is that they have the ability to help the defendant have their charges reduced to a lesser offense.

Information to Have Available When Consulting a Lawyer

In order to help an attorney, it is important to tell them as much information about the case as possible. It is critical for the defendant to tell the lawyer everything they know about the charges. They should tell the attorney when this offense allegedly happened, if they have some sort of an alibi as to where they were, if there were any witnesses, and any other useful information. By doing this, the attorney will then be able to start building a defense strategy.

Contact an Armed Robbery Attorney in Hampton Roads

Armed robbery is a felony with the possibility of life in prison. This is why a defendant should consider the benefits of a Hampton Roads armed robbery lawyer. If you are facing charges, seek the services of a seasoned lawyer today. The sooner a criminal defense attorney is working on your case, the better.