Speed Limits in Hampton

A speed limit is what Hampton has determined to be the highest possible safe speed for any given road. You do have to follow the speed limit. In Hampton, it’s a ticketable offense to go any miles per hour over whatever the posted speed limit is. Someone could be going only five miles per hour over a posted speed limit of thirty and be ticketed. Additionally, driving 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit constitutes reckless driving in the state of Virginia, which also classifies reckless driving as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Someone who has been issued a speeding ticket should seek the help of a knowledgeable and local Hampton speeding ticket lawyer, especially if they received the ticket while visiting the area from out-of-state. A local lawyer will be able to appear in court on behalf of a client if it would be impractical for the client to travel from a far away distance.

Absolute Speed Limit

An absolute speed limit means that it’s unlawful to drive at any speed over whatever the posted speed limit is. This means that even if you are going one mile per hour over the posted speed limit, it is reasonable and legal for a Hampton police officer to present you with a speeding ticket.

Basic Speed Limit

A basic speed limit states that you should never drive faster than what is safe for whatever the present conditions are regardless of what the posted speed limit is. This takes in to account additional conditions that may affect how safe the speed limit is rather than just whatever the posted sign says. For example, if it is snowing, hailing, or even raining heavily the consideration for what is an acceptable speed in Hampton changes.

Presumed Speed Limit

A presumed speed limit  is when the posted speed limit is presumed to be the state’s top speed. Although it would be possible to argue against a speeding offense in an area that follows presumed speed limits, the burden falls on the driver to prove that they were operating their vehicle in a safe manner.

Hampton follows absolute and basic speed limit. It does not follow a presumed speed limit.

Differences Between Types of Speed Limits

The difference between these different types of speed limit laws is how fast someone needs to be going in order to be ticketed. With basic speed limit law, someone can be ticketed by going any miles per hour over the speed limit. With presumed they could be ticketed for going over the speed limit. But they have the ability to prove that under the circumstances, going over the speed limit was still safe.

With basic speed limit, the speed limit itself to be considered speeding if there’s additional circumstances that would make it unsafe like the snowstorm.

Speed Limits on Hampton Highways

The highest speed limit in Hampton for highways is 65 miles per hour. Speeding on the highways in Hampton are very serious because the maximum allowed speed of 65 is already really high. Someone going faster than this is not only at risk of a speeding ticket but they’re also putting in danger all of the other drivers on the road that are following the speed limit.

Due to the fact that someone is driving that fast, the reaction time tends to be lower which means that there is more risk of an accident happen. Accidents at high velocities tend to be a lot more severe than they would be if someone was following the speed limit.