Newport News Credit Card Theft Lawyer

Credit card theft refers to the act of stealing a card or stealing the numbers on a card without the permission of the rightful owner. A conviction for credit card offenses could have substantial consequences, including fines and jail time. Because of this, it is advisable for anyone facing accusations to not try to fight these charges alone.

If you were accused of wrongfully taking credit card information, you should consider contacting a skilled fraud attorney to represent you through all aspects of your case. A Newport News credit card theft lawyer could work tirelessly to help you better understand your rights and achieve the best possible outcome given your unique circumstances.

Common Offenses Associated With Credit Card Theft

It is important for anyone facing charges of credit card theft to understand the differences between potential allegations. Essentially, theft of a card is the physical act of taking the item, while credit card fraud is the use of that item. Furthermore, an individual could also be charged with an offense if they used the card for any purpose without explicit permission.

For example, if an individual was given a credit card to one specific item, but they bought something far more expensive, they might be charged credit card fraud. This is because they have still used that card for purposes that they did not have permission, despite not initially stealing the card.

An individual could also be charged with identity theft while using a credit card. This is because, when someone uses another individual’s bank card, they are legally acting as that person. Alleged offenders could also see a forgery charge arise from the theft of a bank card. This is because many companies require a signature when a card is used and, therefore, when an individual signs someone else’s name, it could be considered forgery. Due to these nuances, it is best to speak to a knowledgeable credit card theft attorney in Newport News to learn about the specific charges they face.

Use of Evidence in a Newport News Case

For a successful case, prosecutors need to prove that the defendant took a credit card or credit card numbers that did not belong to them, and that they did so without the permission of the rightful owner. They do not, however, need to prove that they used the card in any way—only that the alleged offender had possession of the card or that information.

Individuals who have been charged with bank card theft should speak to a well-versed Newport News lawyer immediately after being charged. An experienced attorney could look at the strength of the evidence—including witness testimony or physical evidence, such as documents or video—and determine what course of action is best for an accused individual. Then, a legal professional could work to build a defense and try the case in court, or pursue a plea deal with the prosecution.

Consult With a Newport News Credit Card Theft Lawyer

Credit card theft is a felony offense that carries the possibility of jail time. Therefore, this is an offense that can follow an individual around for the rest of their life and might impact their personal, professional, and financial livelihood. Convicted offenders may be unable to obtain gainful employment or secure housing with a conviction on their criminal record.

As a result, you should consider reaching out to a Newport News credit card theft lawyer for assistance. Having an experienced attorney work on your behalf might benefit your case and even increase your chances of a positive outcome under the circumstances. Call today to get started.