Newport News Fraud Lawyer

There are a number of different types of cases that can fall into the fraud category, all of which involve material deception or misleading another person into taking an action they would not otherwise take. Fraud occurs if these actions were for the accused person’s own benefit, for the benefit of another person, or to the detriment of the person who is being misled.

If you are facing fraud charges, you should contact a Newport News fraud lawyer as soon as possible. Most fraud charges are felonies, and attempting to handle a case without experienced legal representation could have serious consequences. Call today to set up a case review.

Common Types of Fraud in Newport News

The most common types of fraud are forgery and uttering. When a person passes a bad check or a check that belongs to someone else, it is both forgery when they sign the wrong name on the check and uttering when they try to use the check.

Sometimes, fraud charges stem from false identification to law enforcement. In these situations, there are often other charges, such as identity theft, because people may sign the wrong name onto a summons or provide the wrong name to a police officer.

The internet has made credit card fraud more prevalent by removing the face-to-face component of transactions. It has made it easier to perpetrate fraud, especially if the perpetrator knows enough identifying information about the victim. Credit card fraud is easier to pull off and therefore more prevalent since the advent of the internet.

Evidence in a Fraud Case

Fraud cases often involve transactions, so that usually leaves some sort of paper trail, either credit card receipts or checks. Depending on the type of case, there may also be surveillance footage. For example, if there are bad checks being cashed at a bank or a store they may have footage showing the action.

In order to prove fraud in court, the Commonwealth will have to present this evidence to show that a person’s actions were fraudulent. They have to show that the defendant undertook the actions without the permission of the rightful owner or misled somebody without permission or using deception.

Penalties for Fraud

Most fraud charges are felonies, and a fraud conviction could result in years in prison. If convicted, a┬áperson’s criminal record will show a felony conviction for a crime of moral turpitude. That is something they would have to disclose if asked at trial or in a job interview. They also may owe restitution, meaning they must either return the items or the value of the items to the alleged victim of the fraud.

Common Mistakes

People accused of fraud often believe they can talk to the police officer or alleged victim and explain everything. Unfortunately, when they do this, they end up admitting to the crime. There may be a case in which the police cannot prove their case entirely, but after meeting with the defendant who talks in detail about everything and unwittingly confesses, they have just made the case against them. This is why it is important for an accused person to contact an attorney as soon as possible. A Newport News fraud lawyer could help a person avoid talking themselves into trouble.

People also assume that because they were charged with fraud, they will be found guilty. However, this is not always the case. Securing a conviction requires the prosecutors to prove very specific elements and fact patterns, and they may not have everything they need to win the case. A defense attorney can help the accused person go through the evidence against them to see if the prosecution can actually meet the burden of proof.

How a Newport News Fraud Attorney Could Help

If you face allegations of fraud, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Newport News fraud lawyer. An attorney could sit down with you, take a look at the evidence, and try to see what exactly can be proven. After analyzing the facts, an attorney could discuss your legal options so you can determine how to proceed with your case. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin working towards a positive resolution of your case.