Newport News Title IX Lawyer

Attending college or university can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but unfortunate situations can also occur during this time. Students can sometimes find themselves accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX. If allegations of sexual misconduct or Title IX violations have been made against you, a Newport News Title IX lawyer could help.

A Title IX attorney could provide assistance in several ways, from preparing you for school disciplinary hearings to safeguarding your legal rights. An skilled attorney could also help you deal with criminal charges related to Title IX violations. Whether you are facing school disciplinary action, criminal charges, or both, a Title IX defense attorney could help you fight to obtain the best possible outcome.

Origins of Title IX

Title IX is a federal law passed in 1972 as part of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. The law prohibits any discrimination on the basis of sex at any U.S. educational institution that receives federal funding.

In 2011, application of the law was expanded to include sexual misconduct and sexual violence at educational institutions. The expanded application of the law requires colleges and universities that receive any amount of federal funding to conduct their own investigation into any allegations of sexual violence and impose disciplinary action, if appropriate. The responsibility to investigate is independent of and separate from any police investigation that might occur.

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Several types of behaviors could constitute sexual misconduct by a college student under Title IX. Behaviors that could result in a Title IX investigation by school administrators and officials include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking and cyberstalking
  • Rape and other forms of sexual assault

Any student who is under investigation by a college, university or other educational institution for alleged sexual misconduct under Title IX should seek legal counsel. A Newport News Title IX lawyer could protect the rights of a student accused of sexual misconduct. If the school has already taken disciplinary action, a knowledgeable lawyer could still provide assistance by reviewing the case to determine if there are grounds for a lawsuit.

Consequences of Title IX Violations

Title IX violations could result in different forms of school disciplinary action, such as suspension or expulsion. Other consequences could include being prohibited from playing on school athletic teams or participating in other school-sponsored activities.

There could also be legal consequences for Title IX violations. A student accused of committing Title IX violations could be charged with a crime and prosecuted for it. If found guilty, the consequences could include a period of probation or imprisonment, for example. A Title IX lawyer in Newport News could help students found guilty of a Title IX violation fight for lesser school or legal sanctions.

Retain a Newport News Title IX Attorney Today

Allegations of Title IX violations are serious. Not only could such allegations result in severe disciplinary action being taken by your school, but such allegations could also result in criminal charges. Rather than taking on the allegations by yourself, allow a Newport News Title IX lawyer who is familiar with the law assist you with your case.

A Title IX attorney could provide guidance as you navigate school disciplinary hearings and provide legal representation in the event you are charged with a criminal offense. An attorney could also fight to protect your rights at all times. Retain a Newport News Title IX attorney today and enjoy the legal counsel and representation you deserve.