Newport News Armed Robbery Lawyer

There are several different types of robbery that a person may be charged with, in Newport News. The type of robbery charge an accused person may incur often depends upon the circumstances of the alleged offense. In many cases, an aggravating factor such as the presence of a firearm may increase the initial robbery charge. These types of cases are generally regarded as armed robbery offenses. If you were arrested and charged with an armed robbery offense, contact a knowledgeable Newport News armed robbery lawyer immediately. An adept robbery attorney could review the aspects surrounding the alleged incident and work to establish a credible defense.

Elements of a Robbery Charge

In Virginia, there is not a separate law that covers armed robbery. Instead, the crime of robbery is listed under the same general code section as larceny. When a person is accused of armed robbery in Virginia, they typically will be charged with larceny plus assault. More specifically, they are accused of taking something from another person that does not belong to them with physical violence, the threat of it, or the presence of a weapon such as a knife, gun or baseball bat.

Types of Evidence in an Armed Robbery Case

Armed robbery cases often involve several types of evidence. Testimony from the complainant, eyewitnesses, surveillance camera footage, photos from security cameras, fingerprints, and the presence of allegedly stolen items. In some cases, police may employ unlawful methods of retrieving evidence and may violate an accused person’s rights. An aggressive Newport News armed robbery lawyer could examine their tactics and help determine if appropriate actions were taken. Such an examination may include verifying that police obtained search warrants or had probable cause to conduct a search prior to obtaining the evidence.

Potential Consequences of an Armed Robbery Conviction

Following an armed robbery or larceny plus assault conviction, a person may incur significant legal consequences such as extensive periods of incarceration and costly fines. In general, a robbery conviction is punishable by five years and up to life in prison. Due to the aggravating nature of an armed robbery conviction, a person may receive enhanced penalties. Additionally, if another person suffers an injury during the alleged altercation, a convicted individual may receive a sentence taking such an injury into account.

It is also important to note that a person with a previous criminal record, especially someone convicted of a past felony, may receive harsher penalties than an individual incurring a first offense. However, a skilled Newport News armed robbery lawyer could advocate on an accused person’s behalf and fight for fair treatment.

Contact a Reliable Armed Robbery Lawyer in Newport News

If you were accused of committing an armed robbery or larceny plus assault offense, contact a diligent Newport News armed robbery lawyer immediately. Legal penalties upon such a conviction could lead to lengthy prison sentences and the incursion of a criminal record. Furthermore, armed robbery is often viewed as a violent felony offense and this type of conviction could severely and negatively impact a person’s ability to secure gainful employment. Call and schedule a legal consultation as soon as possible to start building a credible defense.