Norfolk Driving While Suspended Lawyer

Due to the negative implications of this offense it is essential that a person who has driven with a suspended license hire a Norfolk driving while suspended lawyer as soon as possible. This is a criminal offense and one of the most serious traffic violations. This offense is at the same level as a DUI and there is a definite possibility of having jail time as a consequence.  A person may want somebody on their side to help them navigate the court system and avoid the harsh penalties.

License Suspension Circumstances in Norfolk

There are a whole variety of reasons why someone could have their driver’s license suspended in Norfolk. Some of these reasons include driving without insurance, a conviction of particular drug crimes, unpaid fines, not paying child support, a DUI, accumulation of DMV demerit points, and providing false information to the DMV.

If someone is caught driving with a suspended license and convicted, their license may be re-suspended for the same period of time as the original suspension and they may be convicted of a Class One Misdemeanor. If you are caught driving without a license, and your license is re-suspended, a Norfolk driving while suspended lawyer can help you understand both the consequences of the allegations, as well as how to build the proper defense against the charges in court.

Unknowingly Driving with a Suspended License

There are some circumstances where somebody may not be aware that their license was suspended. When a license is automatically suspended such as an administrative suspension for a DUI or an accumulation of too many DMV demerit points, the person may not have received notice that their license was suspended and thus have been unaware that they had been driving on a suspended license.

In some situations, the court does take this ignorance into account because in order for someone to be found guilty of driving on a suspended license, they need to be aware that the license is suspended in the first place. For such a defense, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer who understands how these cases proceed. They will be able to better guide you through the process by providing helpful information.

Importance of Hiring a Driving While Suspended Attorney

It is important to have a Norfolk lawyer when hiring somebody for a suspended license defense because local experience makes a difference. Each jurisdiction has particular rules and there are certain attorneys that are regularly in court, who therefore are familiar with the Judges and have relationships with the police officers.

An individual wants somebody who knows the judges, the rules and what is going to be the best course of action in order to be successful. A Norfolk driving while suspended license lawyer will have the legal insight and experience to help you construct the best possible defense for your case. They will be an advocate you can lean on throughout the process to give you valuable insight into the process.