Norfolk Speed Traps

A speed trap is an area on the highway that police officers monitor for speeding violations. When a person describes speed traps they typically refer to an officer hiding from view so drivers are unable to adjust their speed and the officer has already caught them with a radar gun. Speed traps carry a negative connotation and are often considered unfair. However, speed traps are completely legal in Norfolk and usually can not be used as a defense for a speeding ticket.

Common Locations

Speed traps in Norfolk tend to be located in a couple ways. Officers will often wait in areas with a high volume of traffic in the hopes of easily catching multiple speeders and preventing people from speeding if they are aware of the speed trap. Another common location for officers to wait is in areas with high occurrences of speeding. Locations such as after highway exits where people haven’t yet adjusted their speed, or at the bottom of hills where the car naturally speeds up and drivers have not adjusted accordingly are common speeding areas where speed traps may be set up. 

Purpose of Speed Traps

The purpose of speed traps is debatable, depending on whom you’re asking. Some will argue that their sole purpose is to collect revenue. This pint of view can be considered especially valid if speed traps are located in areas where suggested speed seems too slow for the area and speeding is easy.

However, speed traps are an important tool in preventing accidents in dangerous areas. There are certain locations where speed traps have been added when traffic conditions would lead to a lot of accidents. Roadways that tend to be more dangerous will have speed traps placed to prevent speeding and encourage safety. 


While a lot of other states do not consider speed traps legal, speed traps are completly legal in Virginia. Virginia prosecutes speeding fairly harshly and law enforcement utilize speed traps fairly frequently. As speed traps are legal in Norfolk, being caught in one will not have any effect on your case or defense

With that said, Norfolk drivers should be aware that speed traps are prevalent all over Virginia. Law enforcement officers do not limit the utilization of speed traps to holidays or weekends; Norfolk speed traps are in place throughout the week and in high traffic areas. 

Can You Still Be Issued a Ticket if You Slow Down After The Sign?

If you slow down after the speed limit sign, you are technically speeding and can receive a ticket. Once you see the sign, you should begin adjusting your speed accordingly. By the time you reach the sign, you should already have adjusted your speed enough to be at the new speed limit.