Speed Traps in Norfolk

Speed traps in Norfolk are areas on highways or roads that officers monitor for speeding violations. Generally, these traps are placed somewhere where the officer is hidden from the view of the drivers in areas where speeding tends to happen more frequently. The majority of the time when someone is referring to a speed trap, they’re referencing a hidden police officer who uses a radar gun to catch speeders. If you are caught in a speed trap and issued a ticket it is important you consult with a Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer to help address whatever citation they have received.

Different Kinds of Speed Traps

There are quite a variety of speed traps. Some types involve officers who wait in areas where the speed limit changes from a high speed limit to a lower speed limit. Generally, these are in places where drivers don’t necessarily slow down right away or they don’t slow down enough. Speed traps also occur where there are generally more speeders by default, such as the bottoms of hills where vehicle speed is naturally increasing, so that if someone isn’t paying attention, they can be caught with there. Speed traps may also be placed on long straight stretches of highway, because people zone out and tend to speed without realizing it. Norfolk also has a lot of speed traps during particular holidays, when the roads tend to be more congested.

The Purpose of Speed Traps

People disagree on the purpose of speed traps. Many people believe that they exist to extract revenue—especially when officers are waiting in areas where speeders will be caught off guard. For example, when the speed limit changes suddenly and officers are catching people who haven’t adjusted their speed, but were in the process of adjusting their speed, it’s pretty easy to see how a speed trap could be a form of extracting revenue and not necessarily a safety precaution.

However there are also some situations where speed traps are set up in areas that are notorious for having a lot of accidents, so that these accidents are less likely to occur. In those cases, it is arguable that the speed traps are there for safety reasons.

Impact of Speed Traps on a Speeding Case

Because Virginia has speed traps legally, being caught in a speed trap cannot be used as a defense in a speeding case. Virginia is really harsh on speeding and law enforcement is proud of how low their highway death rate is compared to other states. For this reason a Norfolk speeding ticket attorney is imperative to help provide an alternate defense in these situations.

Things to Know About Speed Traps in Norfolk

Speed traps in Virginia are perfectly legal, so it’s not going to have any effect on an individual’s case whether they were caught in one or not. People should also know that they are located all over the place. Police officers love to use them since it is an easy way to catch speeders. It’s important to be aware at all times, because the consequences of excessive speeding in Norfolk and Virginia are much harsher than in most other states. Because of these harsh penalties it is advisable to consult a Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer if caught in a speed trap in Norfolk.