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College and university disciplinary proceedings can have a serious impact on a student’s life and career. A school disciplinary board has the authority to suspend or expel a student from the school for committing a student conduct code violation or a crime. In addition to school disciplinary proceedings, the student could also face criminal charges in the court system.

Given the potential consequences associated with school disciplinary and criminal charges, it is essential to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer present with you and advocating on your behalf at all hearings. A Portsmouth student defense lawyer can advocate on your behalf at these proceedings and help you obtain the best possible result in your given set of circumstances.

Criminal and Non-Criminal Offenses that Subject Students to Discipline

A variety of both criminal and non-criminal offenses can subject a college or university student to school disciplinary proceedings and criminal charges. Non-criminal offenses could involve allegations of cheating or plagiarism. Student criminal offenses may include rape, assault, firearm possession or sale, driving under the influence of alcohol, and drug possession or distribution charges.

When it comes to student criminal offenses, the student may be subject to both school disciplinary proceedings as well as a criminal charge. Moreover, just because the prosecution decides to drop a pending criminal charge (or even if a jury finds the student not guilty at trial) does not always mean that the student will escape consequences from their school’s disciplinary board.

Potential consequences in school disciplinary proceedings can include suspension or expulsion from the college or university, as well as a period of probation or permanent loss of scholarship funds.

What Happens at a Hearing

At a student disciplinary or criminal court hearing, it is important that a Portsmouth student defense attorney be present. A seasoned attorney can present arguments on the student’s behalf and pursue a favorable result. In the school context, that may include a period of academic probation, as opposed to suspension or expulsion from the school. In the criminal context, it could include a fine or probation, as opposed to incarceration.

Burdens of Proof

The burdens of proof in school disciplinary cases and criminal cases differ considerably. For starters, the burden of proof in a school disciplinary case is much lower than it is in a criminal case. In a school disciplinary case, the accused student usually has the burden of proving that they did not commit a conduct code violation.

In a criminal case, however, the defendant does not have to prove anything. Rather, the government, or the prosecution, has the burden of proving the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In criminal cases, a Portsmouth student defense lawyer can represent the accused student at criminal hearings and trials, as well as at sentencing hearings.

Speak with a Portsmouth Student Defense Attorney Today

When it comes to school disciplinary hearings and criminal charges involving students, there is too much riding on the line for you to represent yourself. In addition to the negative repercussions of a school disciplinary hearing, you may still be subject to criminal fines and other penalties.

A Portsmouth student defense lawyer can be your advocate. An attorney can recommend the best legal options for your case and ensure that all of your constitutional and civil rights remain protected throughout the process.