Suffolk Embezzlement Lawyer

Facing charges of embezzlement can be frightening. The thought of standing trial for such charges is certainly intimidating. A Suffolk embezzlement lawyer could help you through this difficult time by serving as your advocate.

A seasoned attorney could assist you with your case in several ways. As your legal representative, your lawyer could safeguard your legal and due process rights and fight on your behalf to obtain the best possible legal outcome for you.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a criminal offense involving the misuse of money, funds, or other valuables a person was entrusted to handle on behalf of an employer, a public office, or an organization. Embezzlement is essentially a form of theft but can also be categorized as a type of financial fraud depending on the nature of the offense.

A person could be charged with embezzlement even if the money or assets allegedly embezzled were not used for personal gain. An attorney for embezzlement in Suffolk could answer specific questions regarding what types of acts constitute embezzlement under Virginia law.

Crimes Involving Embezzlement

The crime of embezzlement can take many forms. It can involve the misuse of public funds or assets, as well as the theft of an employer’s money or assets. Public officials and anyone else entrusted with safeguarding and managing public funds or assets who, instead, embezzle(s) those funds or assets, can be charged with a class four felony.

Embezzlement that involves the theft of an employer’s money or assets can be charged as either petty or grand larceny, depending on the amount of money or value of the assets embezzled. Grand larceny is a more serious charge and is associated with a more severe penalty than that for petty larceny.

Another form of embezzlement can be committed by an employer responsible for garnishing an employee’s wages due to a court order for child support or some other reason. In such cases, the employer is responsible for making payment of the garnished wages to the court or some other appropriate agent/agency. When an employer wrongfully and fraudulently fails to make that payment, embezzlement has occurred and criminal charges could follow. An experienced attorney could help an individual understand the charges against them and help them build a defense to avoid the consequences of a conviction.

Suffolk Legal Penalties for Embezzlement

The legal penalties for convictions of embezzlement in Suffolk depend on the nature of the charges. When an embezzlement offense is charged as petit larceny it is a class one misdemeanor, which is punishable by a term in jail of up to 12 months and a fine of up to $2,500. When an embezzlement offense is charged as grand larceny, it is punishable by confinement in a state prison for a term of one to 20 years and a fine of up to $2,500.

Embezzlement committed by public officers or officials is a class four felony, as is the misuse of public assets. Convictions of class four felonies are punishable by imprisonment in a state prison for between two and ten years and a fine of up to $100,000. A Suffolk embezzlement attorney could answer specific questions regarding the legal penalties for embezzlement convictions in Suffolk.

How a Suffolk Embezzlement Attorney Could Help

It can be overwhelming trying to deal with embezzlement charges on your own. Fortunately, legal help is available and you do not have to face such charges alone. A Suffolk embezzlement lawyer could help you obtain an optimal resolution to your case.

An attorney who handles embezzlement cases could develop an appropriate defense to the charges you are facing. An attorney could also protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. Speak with a Suffolk embezzlement lawyer about your case today.