Suffolk Theft Lawyer

Theft crimes cover a wide spectrum of possible offenses in Suffolk, Virginia. If you are convicted of one these type of offenses, you can land yourself in jail, be encumbered with hefty fines, or both. However, if you consult with and hire a Suffolk theft lawyer, they can fight for you and may be able to get you a lighter sentence, reduced fines, or both. Therefore, if you have been accused of a theft offense in Suffolk, you ought to consider calling a Suffolk theft lawyer.

Theft Charges in Suffolk, VA

One of the more common theft crimes is that of larceny. In Suffolk, larceny can be classified as either petit larceny (or petty theft) or grand larceny. This primarily depends on the amount stolen.

Petit larceny involves stealing items with a value lower than $500, or lower than $5 if taken directly from someone (Virginia Code Section 18.2-96). For grand larceny, the amounts are $500 or more, or $5 or more, respectively. You can also be charged with grand larceny if you allegedly steal any firearm (Section 18.2-95).

If you hire a Suffolk theft lawyer, they can explain the distinctions between the different theft crimes and will know how to best defend you against the offense you have been charged with.

Other examples of Suffolk, Virginia theft crimes include:

Theft Lawyer in Suffolk VA

  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Various other examples of fraud

A Suffolk theft attorney will understand the different elements of each offense and may be able to make a case for a lesser charge, depending on your circumstances.

How a Suffolk Theft Attorney Can Help

One of the ways a Suffolk theft lawyer may be able to assist you is to reduce your potential jail times and fines. Penalties for the various theft offenses can vary greatly depending on the amounts involved in the theft, as well as if there is an element of violence with the theft.

Petit larceny is a class 1 misdemeanor, but grand larceny and burglary are felonies. (Section 18.2-95 and Section 18.2-10(c)).

By hiring a Suffolk theft lawyer, you are providing yourself with an advocate. Your lawyer will fight for you to lessen your potential penalties. There are several things your lawyer can do, including:

  • Prove that the element of intent is lacking. Many of these theft offenses require that you intended to commit a crime. Your lawyer may be able to disprove that, or at least put it in doubt.
  • Argue for judicial leniency. Your attorney can argue for leniency from the judge. In many instances your attorney can make an argument that the penalties are severe in light of your circumstances.
  • Negotiate with the prosecutor. Sometimes prosecutors are willing to accept a guilty plea on a lesser theft offense.

Due to the serious nature of being convicted of a theft crime in Suffolk, it is prudent to seek out the advice of a Suffolk theft lawyer as soon as you have been accused of one of these crimes.

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