Suffolk Robbery Lawyer

If you are facing robbery charges, time is of the essence. A Suffolk robbery lawyer could walk you through what this charge means and how a conviction could shape your future and your opportunities. It is crucial to protect your rights when you have been accused of robbery and gain a full understanding of the potential charges against you by working directly with a criminal defense attorney.

Robbery Definitions in Virginia

Three primary categories under Virginia law involve theft. These include robbery, larceny, and burglary. The felony offense of robbery is one that especially carries potentially serious consequences. It concerns a person having committed a theft through an act or threat of violence.

Virginia Code Section 18.2-58 allows for an individual to be found guilty of the offense of robbery if they attempt to rob a person of money or a good through threatening to use a deadly weapon, assault or other forms of violence such as striking, choking or beating the victim. The penalties can be severe for robbery charges, which is why a robbery lawyer in Suffolk should be contacted immediately after an individual has been accused.

Penalties for Robbery Charges

Robbery is punished by a mandatory term of five years in prison. In addition, the judge hearing the case has the discretion to suspend a portion of this sentence. The judge can determine whether or not a combination of a jail sentence and a fine should apply. The penalties could also be elevated based on whether or not the person accused of the crime already has a criminal record, including for previous burglary convictions.

Penalties for robbery in Virginia will reflect felony robbery charges rather than misdemeanor charges. A mandatory minimum of five years in prison can, and likely would significantly affect the outcome of an accused person’s future. If a party is injured or killed as a result or in the commission of a robbery, an accused person could face life in prison.

Since robbery refers to a combination of assault and larceny, anyone who has been accused of this kind of crime would benefit from speaking with a Suffolk robbery attorney who could further explain what these charges mean and how to appropriately prepare.

Reach Out to a Suffolk Robbery Attorney Today

As soon as possible after you have been accused you need to consult with a Suffolk robbery lawyer who can sit down with you and engage with authorities and prosecutors in the case as early as possible.

With so much on the line for your future, you could benefit from speaking with a lawyer who is willing to get involved in your case immediately.

You cannot predict what might happen if you are convicted of a crime since many of the penalties are felt years after the fact. It is a hard truth, that the stigma attached to a conviction for such a crime can, and very likely will, follow an individual throughout the rest of his or her life. A criminal conviction is a life-changing event. Due to the high stakes involved in any criminal charge, especially robbery, you need to be prepared with an understanding of how the justice system works.

A full review of all possible defense avenues is essential when you are facing this kind of charge. While the facts of the alleged incident or arrest are fresh in your mind, walk through the situation with an attorney.