Basic Information About Virginia Beach Marijuana Charges

A marijuana possession lawyer in Virginia Beach highlights some of the basic facts about marijuana charges that are made in Virginia Beach. If you want to learn more about your case, contact a Virginia Beach drug lawyer for a free initial consultation.

The most common charge that appears in Virginia Beach is possession of marijuana. The location where most people get charged with it is in their own vehicle, usually in the midst of a traffic stop unrelated to drugs. This hasn’t really changed much. It has always been a very popular situation where drug offenses get charged.

You Do Not Need To Consent To A Vehicle Search

If a police officer stops you on the street, in order to search you, they are going to need probable cause. Generally, if a police officer is asking someone to give them consent to search them, it is because they have no probable cause and no way to search them unless they obtain the consent.

Where Are Marijuana Cases Heard In Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach drug offense cases are typically heard in the General District Court of Virginia Beach. This is located at 2425 Nimmo Parkway in Virginia Beach. This is the same building as the Virginia Beach Circuit Court and the Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

Are Marijuana Cases Typically Bench Or Jury Trials?

Typically, Virginia Beach drug offense cases are bench trials. An appeal from General District Court to Circuit Court could result in a jury trial.

Likewise, if the case is a felony that gets past the preliminary hearing, then there is opportunity for a jury trial in the Circuit Court.

How Long Do Marijuana Cases Take In Virginia Beach?

The length of a Virginia Beach drug offense case is going to depend on what options the defendant has chosen to take during the hearing. If a defendant is pleading guilty and the only thing being argued is sentencing, then cases can generally take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. If there is a full on trial put on the length is going to depend on what type of case it is and what type of evidence is being presented by each side. If the case has an abundance of witnesses and a number of issues that are being contested, it can take naturally much longer than a case with just a handful of documents of evidence and no witnesses at all.

What Will Virginia Beach Prosecutors Need To Prove In Marijuana Cases?

In a Virginia Beach drug offense case, the first thing that the prosecutor needs to prove is that the drug charged is in fact what the alleged substance in the incident is. This is done by a chemical analysis test on the substance in question and then by properly presenting the analysis report results in court.

It also needs to be proven that the defendant is the person who was in control of the drug in question and was aware of the nature and presence of the drug.