Virginia Beach Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is a broad category of crime that makes up many different offenses. These offenses can relate to anything from the use of credit cards to obtaining a mortgage. Fraud offenses involve the use of deception for personal gain. Every fraud charge carries significant penalties, but a practiced criminal defense attorney can help you fight those charges.

When you consult with an experienced Virginia Beach fraud lawyer, they can carefully review the charges against you and help you avoid the consequences of a conviction. Once they analyze your case, they can advise you on the strongest defense moving forward.

Common Types of Fraud

There are dozens of potential fraud charges under Commonwealth law. Each charge has different elements and penalties associated with it. It is important to note that some of these charges could also result in a federal prosecution in some situations. Some common examples of fraud charges include:

Facing these charges can be overwhelming without legal help. Those who have been accused of fraud should seek help from a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible to get started building a defense.

Consequences of a Conviction

Whether direct or indirect, the consequences from a fraud conviction could be substantial. Working with an experienced Virginia Beach fraud attorney could help you avoid these consequences or reduce their impact.

Direct Consequences

The direct consequences of a conviction involve the penalties prescribed by statute. The most common statutory penalty involves incarceration in a county jail or state prison. In cases involving a large amount of money, the amount of jail time could be substantial. Additionally, a statute could also require fines, court costs, or restitution. Restitution requires a defendant to pay back the monetary losses suffered by an alleged fraud victim.

Collateral Consequences

Every fraud conviction could carry collateral consequences that are not directly linked to a statutory penalty. Because many penalties are collateral to the case itself, a plea bargain will often fail to lessen their impact.

The most common collateral consequence is the loss of a professional license. Most professions that require licensing such as attorneys, CPAs, and doctors will typically have provisions in their rules that strip the license from a person with a fraud conviction. Felony convictions of any type can also be problematic. A person convicted of felony fraud will lose the right to vote or own a firearm, and could be limited in their ability to testify in a trial.

Talk to a Virginia Beach Fraud Attorney As Soon As Possible  

When you face fraud charges, your legal rights and freedom are in jeopardy. It is critical to address the charges against you as soon as possible. The prosecutor and investigators will not delay in building a case against you, which means every day you delay obtaining legal counsel could work in the prosecutor’s favor.

By working with a skilled defense attorney, you put yourself in the best position to see your charges reduced or dismissed. Alternatively, a strong defense could help you prevail at trial. To discuss your case with a Virginia Beach fraud lawyer, schedule your case evaluation right away.