Virginia Beach Forgery Lawyer

The easiest definition of forgery in Virginia Beach is finding somebody else’s name to a docket to something and passing it off as a proper signature. If a check belonging to someone else is signed and passed then that individual has just committed forgery.

An individual will want to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Often the police will ask the individual questions trying to pin down if they were the one who signed these documents and when they did it,┬ádetermining whether or not they had permission to forge the other person’s name.

If an individual has an experienced fraud lawyer present, they can advise the individual on what facts are appropriate to share with the police regarding the forgery charges. A Virginia Beach forgery lawyer can work with you when preparing your defense based on the facts of your case.

Evidence and Charges

The police are not talking to an individual charged with forgery to help them. Talking to the individual can help to build their forgery case and get information.  Because they often already believe in their guilt, they want to get information from them regarding the forgery that confirms it.

They are trying to get forgery confessions from the the individual or, at the very least, get admissions that they did something wrong so they can use that against them and make it tougher to fight the forgery charges. A Virginia Beach forgery lawyer is essential help in advising on specific evidence in cases.

An individual could be charged with credit card fraud for using somebody else’s credit card improperly. The cashier is supposed to verify that the card belongs to them but the individual is still liable for any crimes they have done.


Forgery of a check or forgery of any document, it has to be shown that the signature on that document is not the signature of the person, of the rightful owner, the person who should be there.

For evidence, there is often handwriting analysis to prove this could not have been the signature. When it is done in a store, there may be surveillance footage of the transaction and where the person is seen signing a credit card receipt, for example.

There are handwriting experts used in forgery cases, that look at signatures and can identify if two people’s signatures come from the same person based on similarities and differences in the signatures.

Expert Testimonies

Expert testimonies might not be used if there are confessions, surveillance footage or good witnesses that can testify to the forgery. In contested forgery cases in Virginia Beach where there is no surveillance footage or no good witnesses, expert testimonies may be used.

Contacting a Virginia Beach Forgery Lawyer

Because forgery cases where the police are going to try to get a confession from the individual immediately, the individual can avoid confessing to a crime with the help of a Virginia Beach forgery lawyer. A forgery lawyer can go through the evidence and see how strong the case really is and then possibly work something out. Intimidation is used often in Virginia Beach forgery cases. There are often five or six charges that can result from one forgery offense. The intimidation is the threat of having 50 felony charges, but hopefully, the attorney can work something out to avoid that.