What to Expect From a Reckless Driving Case in Virginia Beach

A lot of people assume that a reckless driving charge is simply a traffic ticket such as speeding, and don’t understand that it’s part of a criminal record. Even though it looks like a traffic ticket, what you are given is a summons that requires a court appearance. These are serious charges, and a conviction can impact your security clearance, background checks, and even result in jail time in some instances, which is why it’s important to consult with a Virginia Beach reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible.

How do Virginia Beach Reckless Driving Charges Impact Out of State Drivers?

It impacts them the same way that it would impact a Virginia driver except that they have the added inconvenience of having to come back to court far away from their home. It could also result in their license getting suspended in Virginia and having the court send something to the home state DMV to alert them, which could cause their insurance rate to go up. If you are from out of state, it is important to understand your obligation to appear and the consequences of this charge. An attorney in Virginia Beach can help explain these things.

Why Not Just Pay the Fine for Reckless Driving and Get It Over With?

Reckless driving is a criminal conviction in the end and that’s a much bigger deal than just a regular traffic ticket, so it’s worth it to try to fight it or to get it reduced. This is particularly true if you have security clearance or need to pass background checks for your job, where a criminal record can impact you negatively.

What Do You Look For in Virginia Beach Reckless Driving Cases?

The first things I ask are (1) were you polite and cooperative with the officer during the stop, and (2), how fast were you going?

I look to see generally just what the circumstances were in this case. Reckless driving isn’t very complicated usually, so once you get general background about the events in question it’s pretty easy to figure out a plan of attack from there.

What Is a Common Mistake in Reckless Driving Cases?

One common mistake is when the driver immediately admits to the officer that they knew they were driving at a reckless speed. Later, if it turns out that your speedometer was displaying inaccurate information, that admission can work against you.

Common Defense Strategies in Reckless Driving Cases

I make my clients do a lot of out of court preparation such as having their speedometer calibrated, completing driving school, and having some community service under their belt because it paints a more complete picture of a productive citizen rather than a delinquent who’s causing danger on the road.

And then, if there’s a question as to how the speed was clocked, I question the officer and try to find to holes in his story and his method of the stop.

Advantages of Local Attorneys in Reckless Driving Cases

Local counsel will know better how to deal with local judges and local custom. Different judges are going to be more strict or lenient depending on the speed and the circumstances and it’s just good to kind of know what you are walking into before you walk into it.