Virginia Beach Campus Alcohol Offense Lawyer

Alcohol-related offenses on campuses often mirror state and federal law. Like their state and federal counterparts, campus codes of conduct forbid the unlawful use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages on campus. Violating these laws could result in state sanctions as well as disciplinary actions by the school. For underage consumption of alcohol, there could be mandatory drug or alcohol counseling and mandatory notification of the student’s parents.

If you are a student who is facing student disciplinary actions due to drinking on campus, let a skilled student defense attorney help your case. A Virginia Beach campus alcohol offense lawyer could review the facts of the case, speak to witnesses, and collect evidence to build a defense. It is best to speak to a knowledgeable defense attorney to learn about your legal rights, options, and how to mitigate the consequences of a campus disciplinary action.

Consequences Of Being Charged Or Arrested For an Alcohol-Related Offense On Campus

Just like state and federal laws, it is a crime to possess alcohol with the intent to distribute it to those who are underage. Similar to underage possession or consumption of alcohol, students found in violation of this law could face mandatory drug and alcohol counseling, mandatory notification of the student’s parents, suspension, expulsion, and any criminal penalties.

A seasoned Virginia Beach campus alcohol offense lawyer could review the charges, build a defense, and work to mitigate the penalties of a conviction.

Penalties for Underage Students

When the student is under the age of 21, a code conduct violation concerning drugs or alcohol may call for the mandatory notification of that student’s parents. When the student is over the age of 21, the mandatory notification might not come into effect. However, the student may face more severe penalties, including suspension or expulsion. Students should reach out to a diligent Virginia Beach campus alcohol offense attorney to learn about the collateral consequences for violating the school’s code of conduct policies.

School Amnesty Policies For Alcohol Dependency in Virginia Beach

Some institutions provide amnesty to students to seek help for drug or alcohol dependency, or when they find themselves in emergency situations requiring medical attention. The student is responsible for any medical care received and for ambulance transportation. However, if a student is granted amnesty, they could be required to participate in alcohol and drug counseling.

A well-practiced defense attorney could determine whether a student is eligible for amnesty and could help them find an alcohol dependency program.

Seek Help From a Virginia Beach Campus Alcohol Offense Attorney

The student defense attorney is a useful ally when the student faces criminal charges and/or disciplinary proceedings. Whenever an individual faces criminal charges, it is vital to contact an attorney immediately. The defense attorney knows the applicable laws and procedures and may be able to negotiate a favorable outcome for the student.

You do not need to fight the charges alone. Let a Virginia Beach campus alcohol offense lawyer help you build a solid defense. Call today to schedule a consultation.