Virginia Beach Student Defense Lawyer

Facing a disciplinary situation as a student on campus can be a frightening experience. If you are determined to be responsible for committing the alleged wrongdoing, disciplinary measures might be taken. Such measures could potentially include a suspension of expulsion from school.

You do not have to face accusations of wrongdoing on campus on your own. A Virginia Beach student defense lawyer can provide legal counsel and help ensure your rights are protected. A skilled lawyer could also help you work to obtain the best possible outcome for your specific situation.

Student Disciplinary Situations and Hearings

Many different types of situations can result in a school taking disciplinary measures against a student. Examples of such situations might include:

When accusations of wrongdoing are made against a student, many schools schedule a disciplinary hearing to review the situation and determine what action to take. Unlike criminal courts, schools are not required to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof is much less stringent, which means a student can be more easily found guilty of an alleged deviant act and be sanctioned accordingly.

The less stringent burden of proof required in student disciplinary hearings means it is in a student’s best interest to have legal representation when facing any type of accusations. A Virginia Beach student defense lawyer could provide helpful legal guidance prior to attending a school disciplinary hearing.

The Potential for Criminal Charges

It is possible that alleged wrongdoings on campus could also result in criminal charges if the school and/or alleged victim, if any, chooses to press charges through the local police department. For instance, situations involving allegations of drug use or physical assault have the potential to result in criminal charges being made against a student since those situations also involve violations of the state criminal code.

It is important for any student facing criminal charges to seek legal assistance. A student defense attorney in Virginia Beach could provide legal counsel and representation, as well as help a student seek the best legal resolution possible.

How a Student Defense Attorney in Virginia Beach Could Help

There are several ways a Virginia Beach student defense attorney could help students facing school disciplinary action and/or criminal charges. In either situation, an attorney could help protect and defend the rights of an accused student. An attorney could also help a student obtain the best possible outcome in either situation.

In the event that criminal charges follow accusations of alleged wrongdoing on the school’s campus, a student defense lawyer could provide legal representation and help a student navigate the legal system. A lawyer could also answer questions pertaining to the specific charges being faced and the possible legal penalties that could result if a student is found to be guilty of the charges.

Speak to a Virginia Beach Student Defense Attorney

You do not have to face accusations of wrongdoing and possible disciplinary action by your school alone. A Virginia Beach student defense lawyer could provide guidance to help you attain a satisfactory resolution to the situation. Further, in the event that criminal charges result, a lawyer could also assist you in fighting for the best legal resolution possible.

Do not try facing a student disciplinary hearing without first obtaining legal counsel. A student defense lawyer could help you determine how to best present your case before the disciplinary committee. Contact a Virginia Beach attorney for student defense today.