Virginia Beach Campus Violent Offense Lawyer

Being accused of committing a violent offense on campus can lead to severe consequences and long-term repercussions. If you are facing such allegations, you should reach out to a seasoned student defense attorney. A dedicated Virginia Beach campus violent offense lawyer could advocate for you. Call today and set up a consultation with a legal professional.

Common Violent Offenses on Campus

The most frequently seen violent crimes on campuses are assault, hazing, weapons-related charges, and domestic violence. These offenses all carry different elements that have to be proven. Some of these will rise to the level of criminal offenses and others are just forbidden by the school’s code of conduct. For more information, contact a dedicated Virginia Beach student violent offense attorney.

Consequences of Committing a Violent Offense on Campus

A student found responsible for commissioning a violent offense on campus can face various penalties. The penalties include verbal or written reprmand, suspension or expulsion, and criminal charges. An individual convicted of assault or battery can be looking at expensive fines and jail time. Therefore, it is critical for defendants to contact a campus violent offense lawyer in Virginia Beach.

How Do Schools Handle Violent Offenses?

There are three colleges that are located in the Hansen Road Area. Each one of these schools have their own code of conduct, which could impact the consequences of a violent offense committed by a student.

Old Dominion University

When an Old Dominion University student commits a violent offense on campus, utlimately ODU is responsible for dealing with any conduct that affects the University’s interest that is in violation of State or Federal Law is a violation of the school’s Code of Conduct. A procedure for an alleged violation of student code is heard in stages. First, the student is given notice of the alleged misconduct. The notice will provide the student the opportunity to meet with disciplinary officials for either a conduct conference or a hearing with a conduct officer.

Conduct conferences are only provided to those students who do not face the prospect of suspension or expulsion. The student can expect a conduct conference for alleged misconduct for offenses such as underage possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana, or other low-level offenses. A full hearing will be conducted for felonies or other serious allegations, so if it is a violent felony charge, that student can expect a hearing.

Norfolk State University

The next is Norfolk State University. Similar to Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University will hold an informal investigation which consists of a notification and conference. The student has an option of attending the conference, but if the student fails to attend, the Disciplinary Board may issue a decision in the student’s absence. A hearing will be held for more serious allegations of misconduct such as an allegation of violence. Formal hearings are reserved just like Old Dominion University for allegations that could resolve in suspension or expulsion, and as stated earlier, these include crimes of violence.

Regent University

Finally, there is Regent University, and just as the two institutions discussed earlier, Regent has two different processes that are followed that correspond to the seriousness of the allegation. For low-level offenses, the process generally followed is if there is a report of misconduct, a preliminary investigation will be conducted by the Vice President for Student Life whose responsibility it is to decide if there are reasonable grounds to believe an infraction occurred. If such grounds exist, an administrative hearing will be held. If the matter is of a sensitive nature such as allegations involving addiction, sexual misconduct or violence, a different administrative judicial council will convene to adjudicate the matter.

Public Vs. Private Schools

The difference between public and private schools depends on whether or not the school receives any kind of federal assistance. Schools receiving federal aid must comply with the reporting requirements of Title IX.

How a Virginia Beach Campus Violent Offense Attorney Could Help

Individuals facing violent offense charges on campus could be looking at expulsion from the school and criminal penalties, such as fines and jail time. If you are facing allegations, you should call a skilled attorney as soon as possible. Let a dedicated Virginia Beach campus violent offense lawyer fight for you.