Newport News Robbery Lawyer

Robbery combines an element of theft with an element of force or threat of force. It is the element of force, or actual or potential violence, that classifies robbery differently as crime against the person under Virginia law, as opposed to a crime against property.

The resulting penalties for a robbery conviction are more severe, which can place your freedom, your job, and your family at stake when you are facing robbery charges.

A Newport News robbery lawyer may be able to help you build an effective defense in your case minimize these potential consequences. Call today to schedule an appointment with a skilled theft attorney who could advocate for you.

Proving Robbery

Robbery occurs pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-58 when individuals carry out a theft by taking one or more of the following actions toward another:

  • Partially strangling or suffocating
  • Hitting or striking
  • Using any type of violence
  • Assaulting
  • Putting in fear of serious bodily harm
  • Threatening or presenting firearms or deadly weapons

Additionally, in order to qualify as a robbery, individuals must have intended to take the property from its rightful owners or possessors against their will and without authority or permission.

Attempted robbery also is a crime under Virginia law. This offense occurs when individuals intend and try to commit a robbery, but their attempts are not successful. Individuals convicted of attempted robbery may face a prison sentence ranging from two to ten years.

Typical Types of Robbery

Since robbery is a broad classification that encompasses any type of theft using force, violence, or the threat of force or violence, it includes many different scenarios that might lead to robbery charges. For example, robbery charges may ensue from a simple purse or wallet snatching.

However, robbery also might occur when individuals break into a home when the owners or residents are present, such as in a home invasion, or when individuals walk into a bank, brandish weapons, and demand money.

Robbery charges might also stem from incidents involving the theft of money or other items of value from stores or retailers when employees and/or customers are present.


Unlike other types of robbery, Va. Code § 18.2-58.1 sets forth the separate offense of carjacking, which is essentially the robbery of a vehicle from another person.

When individuals purposely take a motor vehicle with the intent to deprive others of their ownership or control of the vehicle, and they take the vehicle using some type of violence or threats of serious bodily harm, including presenting or threatening the usage of a firearm or another deadly weapon, they commit carjacking.

Carjacking also is a felony offense, carrying a minimum prison sentence of 15 years and a maximum of life in prison.

Attempted Carjacking

Attempted carjacking is also a crime under Virginia law. This occurs when individuals intend to carjack another, but do not carry through or are thwarted in their attempts to implement their intentions. Attempted carjacking can result in a prison sentence of two to ten years, even though the act of carjacking was not completed.

Consequences of a Robbery Conviction

Robbery carries a minimum prison sentence of five years and a maximum sentence of life in prison. The exact sentence that individuals receive for a robbery conviction can vary widely based on the nature of the robbery, including whether violence or force actually occurred and whether the victim sustained any injuries, as well as the individuals’ previous records of criminal convictions. A Newport News robbery lawyer could attempt to mitigate the consequences that an individual may face.

Reaching Out to a Newport News Robbery Attorney

A felony conviction for robbery or carjacking can bring repercussions that may continue to follow you for much of your life. You may lose certain rights, such as the right to carry a firearm and vote, and perhaps more importantly, you may lose your freedom for an extended period of time. This can adversely affect your family, your relationships, your finances, and your ability to find gainful employment after your release.

Contacting a Newport News robbery lawyer may be an instrumental step toward getting the advice that you need and the results that you want.